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Swedish Head & Neck Surgery / First Hill

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Head and Neck Surgeons

The clinic’s head and neck surgeons are board certified. They are surgeons who have received additional training in surgery that is unique to the head and neck area. Your surgeon will talk with you about the lump and will perform the fine-needle aspiration biopsy, if it’s needed. Your surgeon will also talk with you and your doctor about the test results and possible next steps.

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Board-certified pathologists evaluate the tissue obtained during a biopsy. A pathologist uses various tools to view the cells in the tissue to help determine the disease or condition that has caused the lump. The clinical name for this process is “cytopathology review.”

Several pathologists from CellNetix Pathology come to the clinic to provide this evaluation.

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Physician Assistants

The clinic’s physician assistants have passed a national certification test in order to practice medicine. They are also licensed by the state of Washington. In the Neck Mass and Thyroid Nodule Clinic, physician assistants help coordinate and facilitate your care. They assist in the biopsy procedures and help to schedule any future appointments or procedures. They are also available by phone or email to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.

Scheduling Coordinator

Our scheduling coordinator will work closely with you to find the best possible time for any necessary follow-up appointments or procedures.