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Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter – 2018

The Head & Neck Surgery service at the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) concluded another sterling year in 2018. As it approaches its 10th year of operation, the Head & Neck Surgery Clinic has developed into and cemented its role as the Pacific Northwest's leading treatment center for tumors involving the head and neck region. This has been realized by amalgamating an array of multidisciplinary clinical resources, within SCI, and also from the entire Pacific Northwest and Alaska. In fact, our multi-institutional collaboration is a testimonial that complex head and neck cancer care can be administered in a successful and sophisticated manner across multiple institutions, minimizing hardship for geographically distant patients.
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Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter – 2017

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) has proudly closed 2017 with another productive and gratifying year for the Head & Neck Surgery service line. Established in October 2009, the Head & Neck Surgery service line has harnessed the SCI’s multidisciplinary clinical resources, collaborated with regional cancer centers across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and has matured into the premier center for head, neck and endocrine cancer treatment in the Northwest. Read More (PDF).

Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter – 2016

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) is pleased to report that the Head & Neck Surgery service line had another year of growth in 2016. By accessing the multidisciplinary clinical resources at SCI, we successfully treated many complex head and neck cancers, and endocrine surgery cases, as well as disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. For the past six years, our providers have strived to stay at the forefront of all therapeutic modalities used to treat head and neck cancers, thyroid cancers, and parathyroid disease. We are committed to minimizing side effects of treatments and maximizing functional outcomes. Read More (PDF).

Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter – 2015

The Swedish Head & Neck Surgery Clinic of the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) had another fulfilling year in 2015. We continue to serve the need of head and neck cancer patients throughout Washington and beyond. Our clinical volume has increased every year since our inaugural year in 2010. In fact, we have quietly built an exceptionally large database of index tumor cases, which has strengthened the experience of all providers within SCI. Read More (PDF).

Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter - 2014

The Swedish Head & Neck Surgery Clinic at the Swedish Cancer Institute completed another rewarding clinical year in 2014. Since establishing a state-of-the art head and neck treatment center nearly six years ago, our service line has grown. We now offer the highest quality comprehensive care, and nearly every available treatment modality for complex head and neck cancers, from robotic surgery to free tissue transfer. As we’ve grown, we’ve received the support of physicians in the community and the faith of our patients. Read More (PDF)

Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter - 2013

The Swedish Head & Neck Surgery Clinic at the Swedish Cancer Institute concluded another fulfilling year in 2013, both from a clinical standpoint and community outreach perspective. 2013 has also seen the realization of the expansion of our service, with the addition of Dr. Joe Sniezek. Dr. Sniezek, a national figure in head and neck and endocrine surgery will bring his expertise to Swedish in July 2014. With his arrival, we will be adding a dedicated Thyroid Tumor Board within the multidisciplinary tumor boards at the Swedish Cancer Institute, improving care of thyroid cancer patients. Read More (PDF)

Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter - 2012

"In the past three years, we have grown our service line to include virtually all known state-of-the-art therapeutic options for head and neck cancers and beyond. This has been possible thanks to excellent clinical assets from Swedish and the Swedish Cancer Institute. By fostering collaboration from a variety of disciplines, a dedicated Head & Neck Tumor Board was created, to optimize care for each and every patient." Read More (PDF)


Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter - 2011

"We have expanded our clinical options to include Transaxillary Robotic Thyroidectomy. We have continued to grow our Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery program as well. In fact, Swedish now houses more da Vinci systems than any other health care organizations in Washington state, with multiple operating rooms and built-in robotic integration." Read more (PDF)


Head & Neck Surgery Newsletter - 2010

"We have built our program into one of the very few non-university based, comprehensive head and neck cancer programs nationwide. We are now essentially offering every therapeutic option, ranging from the newest organ-preservation protocols, to advanced reconstructive surgery, to minimally invasive transoral robotic surgery." Read more (PDF)