How CyberKnife Works

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CyberKnife uses a high-energy X-ray machine on a robotic arm to precisely deliver radiation beams that destroy tumor cells and stop tumor growth while avoiding damage to healthy tissue.

The treatment process is the same for each CyberKnife patient. The process includes a consultation, a treatment planning appointment, one to five treatment appointments, and follow-up appointments.
Destroying tumor cells - stopping tumor growth

Creating a personalized treatment plan

To prepare for your treatment, the doctor will use special CyberKnife computer software and a CT scan (and possibly MRI and PET scans) of the area that needs treatment to create a 3D image.

The doctor and medical physicist will use the CyberKnife treatment planning computer and the 3D image to evaluate the unique shape, size and location of the tumor, as well as the tissue and structures that need to be protected.

The result is a personalized treatment plan that prescribes how much radiation will be used and the direction and angle the beam of radiation will travel in order to target the designated area.

Delivering radiation with pin-point accuracy

During the procedure the patient lies comfortably on the treatment table. The image guidance cameras [1] track any movement of the patient or the tumor and make automatic adjustments, while the computer-controlled robotic arm [2] moves around the patient and the X-ray machine [3] delivers the beams of radiation from a variety of angles and positions.


Targeting a tumor from virtually any angle

The robotic arm is very flexible and can move and deliver beams of radiation from many different directions and angles. The computer uses the treatment plan to precisely focus every beam on the specific target area.


Synchronizing to patient and tumor movement

The Swedish Radiosurgery Center has the most current CyberKnife technology that employs the Synchrony Tracking System to match radiation beam delivery to the motion of the tumor. This tracking system eliminates the need for breath-holding techniques, or head or body frames to stabilize patient movements. The system automatically corrects for any patient or tumor movement. This highly sophisticated technology is particularly beneficial in the treatment of lung, liver, pancreas, kidney and other abdominal or thoracic tumors that move when the patient breathes.

CyberKnife accuracy translates to a comfortable treatment experience for the patient and exceptional treatment results.