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A New Approach to Prenatal Care

Swedish offers a unique approach to prenatal care through CenteringPregnancy®. Centering brings expecting mothers and dads/partners with low-risk pregnancies together for group sessions on all aspects of prenatal care. Soon-to-be parents find companionship, build community and support each other as they discuss common pregnancy concerns and plan for their new babies.

During pregnancy, get by with a little help from your friends.

About the sessions

While traditional childbirth education classes don’t start until about two months before the baby’s due date, Centering sessions, composed of about eight to 12 -families, start early in the pregnancy. The two-hour meetings are initially held every four weeks and increase to every two weeks as the pregnancy progresses. Women learn how to record their own vitals (weight and blood pressure); and at each session they discuss and learn about important subjects such as nutrition and exercise, coping with labor, breast-feeding and infant care.

Benefits of group care

The CenteringPregnancy program is a proven model of effective care. Studies show that group prenatal care reduces premature births, increases breast-feeding and enhances psychosocial outcomes. This can be attributed to the combination of education, support and knowledge that participants gain in a group atmosphere.