Personalized Medicine

At the Swedish Cancer Institute, we practice personalized medicine every day. We combine the newest, most advanced science with extraordinary medicine and patient-centered care in order to develop a care plan that’s personalized for you. Our approach ensures the best treatment pathway for you right from the start.

Using Gene Sequencing to Help Treat Your Cancer

Not all cancers are alike. Just as your “genetic fingerprint” determines the color of your hair and eyes, a tumor’s “genomic fingerprint” defines the cancer cells.

Identifying a tumor’s genomic fingerprint is called gene sequencing. This science is helping many of our patients get the best cancer treatment. Find more details about how we use gene sequencing to treat cancer.

Patients with the same type of cancer usually received the same type of treatment. For example, if you had stage IV colon cancer, you probably received similar initial chemotherapy as every other patient with stage IV colon cancer.

Today, gene sequencing allows cancer specialists at the Swedish Cancer Institute to identify gene abnormalities in cancer cells and then personalize cancer treatments for those specific abnormalities — independent of where the cells or tumors are located. This information allows us to create a customized treatment plan that will work best for you. Learn more about how your personal treatment plan is developed.

Personalized medicine is the most comprehensive, effective and efficient approach to cancer care.

Making Cancer Personal

Cancer is personal, so we make sure everything at the Swedish Cancer Institute is personal, too. It begins with your cancer-care team. You will have a team of cancer specialists created specifically for your particular needs.

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Treating the Whole You

Personalized medicine at the Swedish Cancer Institute means we harness every tool to focus our clinical expertise on your disease. And we use utilize every type of therapy provide customized “whole person” care, focused specifically on you — not just your disease.

We provide an environment, resources and support that attend to your physical, psychological, social and other needs. And because we acknowledge that you may have developed many important personal relationships long before your battle with cancer began, we also offer educational and supportive services that are designed specifically for your families and caregivers.

We call this aspect of personalized medicine supportive care services because they provide essential nurturing support critical to you throughout your cancer management — from diagnosis, through treatment and survivorship.

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