Blood Management

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Blood Management Program

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Enhancing patient care by applying evidence-based strategies to make appropriate use of transfusion therapy and reduce patient exposure to blood transfusion.

Blood Management

The Blood Management Department at Swedish Medical Center provides key services to

  • Reduce patient exposure to blood transfusion ("blood conservation")
  • Achieve safe blood management practices
  • Optimize blood utilization
  • Reduce variations in transfusion practice
  • Support a patient's decision to minimize or eliminate the use of blood or blood products

Among the many reasons blood management is on the forefront of health care today are

  • Increased public demand for safe alternatives to blood transfusion therapy
  • Growing numbers of patients who request medical services without the use of blood
  • Advanced technology and pharmacological agents making bloodless medicine and surgery not only possible but preferable
  • Decrease in national blood supply
  • Escalating costs due to growing number of federally mandated tests to screen donated blood for disease