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Bloodless Program offers a team approach to health care that eliminates the use of blood transfusions, even in a life-threatening situation. All areas of patient care are involved.

Who Should Access the Bloodless Program?

The Bloodless Program meets the needs of patients who resolutely object to the use of blood or blood components, even in a life-threatening situation, whether this refusal is based on religious, personal or other conscientious reasons.

When and How Do I Register in the Bloodless Program?

It is very important for patients to contact the Bloodless Program as early as possible in the course of treatment. This free service is available to any Swedish patient. 

To participate in the Bloodless Program, a brief patient interview is conducted by phone or in person. You will be directed to fill out the "Refusal of Blood Products" (see translated forms below) form which documents your refusal of whole blood and the four primary components (red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma) as well as your choices regarding minor blood fractions and medical procedures or treatments involving the use of your own blood. The "Refusal of Blood Products" will then be scanned to your Swedish electronic medical record.  If you have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPA), it may also be scanned to your chart as part of your enrollment process. You may update your enrollment at any time.

>>>Workshops and Educational Events 

Workshops and other educational opportunities are available throughout the year to assist patients to get the most benefit from the Bloodless Program.

The patient's role

  • Document your choices in an Advance Directive/Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Inform your physician: Speak with your physician about your objection to blood transfusion and blood products as well as your interest in alternatives to blood transfusion
  • Do not postpone treatment; some alternatives require time to be effective
  • Ask your physician if you have a normal blood count. See Anemia Management
  • Be sure to notify your doctor of any medications or nutritional supplements you are currently taking
  • Prior to each hospital admission, contact the Blood Management Department to update your "Refusal of Blood Products" if you have changed your DPA or other information

The patient coordinator's role

  • Acts as a resource for bloodless patients
  • Educates the patient regarding their options
  • Assists patient in documenting their choices on the "Refusal of Blood Products"
  • Notifies appropriate hospital services (Anesthesia, Admitting, Lab, Surgery) of patient choices
  • Verifies that available documentation (advance directives, DPA, Enrollment) is placed in patient chart prior to surgery or admission
  • Monitors patient progress during hospitalization
  • Provides consultation during hospitalization, if requested

* Translated "Refusal of Blood Products" form: