Who do I see if I have anxiety?

How you get help with anxiety will depend on how severe and disruptive your situation is. 

For example, if you are feeling worried and distressed due to a current very stressful situation (such as a divorce, job uncertainty, a sick child), then that anxiety is appropriate to the situation. In this case, you may benefit from some extra support from a supportive family member, a friend, a religious figure or a support group. 

If you are someone who finds that your level of worry and concern far exceeds the stressors in your life, then that may be a sign that you have a more significant anxiety disorder. Particularly if your worry has gotten to the point where you are avoiding things that you need to do (such as driving, going to work, seeing friends, opening your mail), then that is another sign you may need to seek professional help from your primary care physician or a therapist.  

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