Chemically Using Pregnant Women’s Program - Ballard Campus

Swedish Addiction Recovery - Ballard

Overall, our treatment programs are designed to help patients:

  • Gain a true understanding of the implications or impact of substance abuse
  • Adopt changes in behavior and attitude that will support a decision not to abuse alcohol or drugs
  • Experience an overall improved quality of life
  • Plan strategies and learn skills to manage life without the use of alcohol or other nonprescription drugs

To do this, we use a structured system tailored to each individual. Treatment may involve medical detoxification, referral to an extended inpatient treatment program at another facility (Swedish doesn’t provide this level of care). Swedish does offer an intensive inpatient program for pregnant or postpartum women.

Treatment programs may include nutrition counseling, spiritual care and occupational or recreational therapy, as well as psychiatric services. Community-based, self-help support groups can also be an important element of continued support.

Each patient’s customized care includes:

  • Identification of the problems that put him or her at risk for abuse or relapse
  • Measurable behavior objectives
  • Tailored interventions

Patients play an instrumental role in developing the treatment plan, which is reviewed regularly by the multidisciplinary treatment team.