What Is the Medical Home Model?

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Swedish Family Medicine - Ballard served as Swedish's first pilot site to utilize the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model. We continue to provide this model of care, which is a team based healthcare model, led by a provider, and allows for comprehensive and ongoing care with the end goal of optimal health outcomes for our patients. It is an approach to medical care that allows for extensive primary care for the entire family from infant to seniors. Becoming a patient at a patient-centered family medicine clinic has many benefits including: 

Personal Relationships 

An ongoing relationship with a personal physician and a health care team (physicians, nurses, counselors, medical assist and office staff) who provide continuous and comprehensive care. A close relationship with your healthcare provider allows for a comprehensive care plan fit specifically to you and your healthcare needs, which sets your health on the track to your end goal for your health. 

Team Approach 

Each health care team member, including the clinic support staff, takes responsibility for your care. 

Expanded Access 

Access to care is available through scheduled and same-day appointments. (NOTE: same day appointments are for our established patients.) You also have secure access to your own health records online through MyChart. The MyChart site allows communication to take place between you, your physician, the health care team and support staff via e-mail. Patients can also contact the clinic by phone at 206-297-5100 or through fax at 206-297-5151. 

Comprehensive Care 

Your health care team manages a broad range of health care needs for patients of all ages. However, care is arranged with specialists, outside of the clinic, when needed. Specialists and outside services can include cardiology, diabetes education, imaging, other hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes as well as patient loved ones. 

Coordination of Care 

Care is coordinated with specialists and outside services, as needed, to assure that you get the best possible care. The goal of care coordination is to ensure a smooth transition from one care setting to another. 

Quality and Safety 

Strong relationships between you and your healthcare team allows for patient advocacy and educated and guided decision making. Your involvement and feedback equals a comprehensive understanding of your health situation to provide compassionate quality, patient-centered care. 

Our providers voluntarily engage continuous education as well as performance measurements to gauge quality improvement and keep competent in the latest health technologies and resources.