Swedish Birth & Family Clinic - Edmonds

Swedish Edmonds Birth and Family Clinic

Our Approach

Swedish Birth and Family Clinic is a full spectrum family medicine practice. This means patients can see the same doctor from birth to adulthood. Many see this as an advantage as the family doctor develops knowledge of the entire family’s medical history and social dynamic.

We provide a broad range of services for our obstetric patients, including management of hypertension in pregnancy, gestational diabetes, vaginal birth after Cesarean Section and newborn care. In addition, the family doctor offers a wide variety of services at all ages of life.

We look forward to the opportunity to care for your growing family.

Our History

The original Edmonds Birth and Family Clinic was a private practice group established in 1978 with three physicians delivering babies right in the clinic! Obstetrics, newborn care and pediatrics has always been the centerpiece of what we do. In 2012, the clinic joined the Swedish Medical Group and has grown to include eight delivering doctors with a unique camaraderie and commitment to excellent care.

Our range of services include


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