Swedish Addiction Recovery Services - Ballard Outpatient

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Swedish Addiction Recovery Services - Ballard Outpatient

At Swedish Addiction Recovery - Ballard, we provide evaluation and treatment for people with chemical dependencies.

Our staff is experienced in helping those who are impaired or negatively affected by substance abuse problems. Our team includes:

  • Physicians who specialize in addiction medicine
  • Specially trained nurses and state-certified chemical dependency counselors
  • Psychiatrists are also available for consultations
  • Dietitians, spiritual counselors and occupational or recreational therapists may also work with patients in Addiction Recovery

Families and friends are encouraged to be involved in the treatment process and to participate in Al-Anon meetings or other support groups in their communities.

Addiction Recovery Services offers compassionate, person-centered outpatient addiction medicine care at our Ballard office. The team of board-certified addiction medicine doctors and doctors completing their fellowship training in addiction medicine provide care for people of all ages with all types of substance use disorders. 

Our doctors prescribe buprenorphine in both the sublingual (Suboxone) and injectable (Sublocade) forms. In addition to oral naltrexone, our team also offers the injectable form of naltrexone (Vivitrol). 

We offer a Virtual Bridge clinic for rapid, low-barrier access to treatment. We also have telehealth group visits facilitated by a doctor to promote mutual support in addiction recovery.

Visits are done in person and virtually. Referrals from primary care providers are not required.

People who have a physical dependence on a substance may experience withdrawal when they attempt to stop. Alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines are among the substances that most commonly cause withdrawal symptoms that lead people to seek medical care. In some cases, it is safest and more comfortable for a person to have their withdrawal process medically supervised in the hospital setting. 

At the Swedish Addiction Recovery Services inpatient program, a team of physicians, nurses, and counselors support people through withdrawal while helping plan for ongoing treatment in the outpatient setting. Withdrawal management occurs in private hospital rooms with 24/7 nursing care. Our medical teams are able to manage withdrawal in people over the age of 18, including those with complex medical conditions.

We accept private insurance for non-pregnant inpatient withdrawal management services. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, please call to discuss options for inpatient withdrawal management services.