Roles and Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • Report to the RN responsible for the patient at the beginning of the shift to receive report
  • Clearly articulate learning objectives for the day. A Clinical Objectives Communication form is to be completed and provided to the RN
  • Plan the aspects of patient care to be provided by the student during each clinical experience with the assigned RN
  • Report any changes in patient condition and problem-solve any patient care issues with the assigned RN
  • Let the assigned RN know promptly if student will not be able to complete their agreed upon activities for the day
  • Notify the assigned RN if instructor is to be present for first time procedures. The clinical instructor must supervise first time procedures
  • Provide hand-off report to assigned RN before leaving the unit for any reason, e.g. break, clinical conference at end of day

Instructor Responsibilities

  • If first time at Swedish, spend time shadowing on assigned clinical units
  • Meet with Unit Manager(s) to discuss goals for the nursing students at the beginning of the quarter. Clarify individual unit expectations and norms
  • Notify Academic Affiliations if the schedule is changed including not needing requested rotations
  • Be present in the medical center and on patient care units when a student clinical group is involved in patient care
  • Supervise students closely
  • Be with students for first-time procedures (e.g., medication pass, handling I.V.s, dressing changes, injections, postpartum check)
  • Obtain feedback about student performance regularly from nursing staff
  • Interview patients to add to your evaluation of student performance
  • Ensure students report to the patients' staff nurse(s), before leaving the unit
  • Report feedback
    • Specific feedback and problem solving is done at the unit level
    • Academic Affiliations Program Manager may be used as a consultant

For precepted practicum experiences:

  • Be readily available to Swedish staff and students when students are present at a Swedish facility regardless of shift
  • Make at least three clinical site visits. The purpose of these site visits are:
    • At the beginning: to set up the clinical experience and clarify objectives, expectations, and any specific school rules and restrictions
    • In the middle: Perform periodic progress checks, be available for problem solving and preceptor support
    • At the end: Provide and received final feedback regarding the clinical experience. Complete the students' evaluations
  • Serve as a preceptor for the preceptors
    • Help with assessing student learning needs, coaching a skill, providing feedback
    • Provide support when needed

Swedish Medical Center Registered Nurse Responsibilities

  • Be co-assigned with students for patient care during the clinical experience
  • Ensure appropriate and complete care of the patient. The RN may be involved in informal teaching either by demonstrating a procedure or assisting a student with practicing a previously learned skill. The RN communicates with the clinical instructor regarding problems or questions relating to experiences
  • Provide the student and clinical instructor with ongoing feedback regarding the student's performance

Charge Nurse Responsibilities

  • Assist with patient assignments for students and daily staffing needs for the unit
  • Assist with manager communication as indicated utilizing the chain of command