Computer Access

Epic Electronic Medical Record

Epic access problems?

  • Call the askIT Service Desk at (844) 92-askIT / 844-922-7548.
  • If the askIT Service Desk cannot resolve the issue, contact Student Onboarding at

Documentation Policies

  • Students are responsible for documenting the care they provide.
  • Instructors are responsible for co-signing any care they observe or participate in with the student.
  • Students do not witness any documents.
  • Portions of the patient medical record should never be printed or reproduced for student learning. This is a direct HIPAA violation.

Swedish ID's and Passwords

  • Students (and instructors) will receive email information and instructions for claiming their network account. The network and Pyxis™ MedStation are linked to the same user ID and password.
  • Students are responsible for remembering their IDs and passwords for the different systems.
  • Accessing Epic: Add an "s." at the beginning of the network ID and use the same network password.

Network ID: mickey.mouse
Epic ID: s.mickey.mouse

  • HealthStream is a separate system from the network account and has its own unique ID and password.
  • The Blood Glucose Meter is a separate system and access is granted by the Point of Care Testing department. For access issues, they are available 24/7 by email or by phone 206-386-2461.
  • To reset a password (after clinical has started) for the network (and Epic), follow these steps:
    1. Have the student go to the Caregiver Access Portal and click "Reset Your Password". Follow the steps for "Forgot Password". If the student does not remember their security questions or the questions presented are not the ones the student set up, move to step two.
    2. Contact the askIT Service Desk at (844) 92-askIT / 844-922-7548.