Infection Control and Exposure Prevention

What to Do if You Are Sick

Do not come to your clinical experience if you have the following:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Temperature of 100.5 or more
  • Acute febrile respiratory infection with uncontrolled secretions
  • Cough, runny nose, or sneezing; sore throat; body aches; and fatigue
  • "Pink eye"/conjunctivitis
  • Draining skin lesion
  • Undiagnosed rash
  • Sore throat and or/swollen glands in the neck

If you develop symptoms while at Swedish notify your instructor, report to the RN and leave the medical center.



  • Masking is required at all times on campus as well as carpooling to and from campus. Cloth/bandanas/gators/non-surgical/vented masks are not permitted on campus. Surgical masks are available at the entry control points and on the units.
  • Eye protection in the form of droplet approved glasses/goggles or face shields are required in all direct patient care areas. Eye protection is available on the units to borrow. However, students and instructors can wear their own personal eye protection if they prefer.
  • Fit testing will be provided to those providing direct care to COVID-19 positive patients and N95 or PAPR/CAPR will be provided to students for use while providing direct patient care to COVID19 positive patients.
  • By entering any Swedish campus as an approved student, you are attesting to no symptoms and no potential exposure.

Potential exposure/symptoms

Email if you think you had an exposure to COVID-19 or if you are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms.

  • After submitting your email, you will receive an autoreply from with instructions on next steps.
  • Do not return to clinical until has cleared you to return and a copy of that email has been sent to

For further assistance, questions, or concerns, please visit our Contact Information page.