The Swedish Editorial Promise


We know you have seemingly endless choices when it comes to finding guidance to help you make decisions about your health, and we want to be a part of your health and wellness journey. Our commitment to you, our blog readers and patients, is deliver content that is easy to understand and rich with expert insights so you feel empowered and confident when making healthcare decisions. 

Our guiding principles are simplicity, trustworthiness, and relevancy. We know that health needs are different for everyone, and our approach to content is one that is inclusive, holistic, empathetic and impassioned. 

From lifestyle topics such as fitness and nutrition to clinical narratives relating to cancer, heart health and diabetes, our team of experts puts patient needs at the center of every word, sentence and period. 

We want to help you live your healthiest and happiest lives. 

Our intent

We want to build meaningful connections with people by delivering clinically-backed content to make healthcare decisions easy and simple. 

Our values

The values of Compassion, Dignity, Excellence, Integrity, and Justice extend to our content creation process. Learn more about the Swedish mission and values

Our process

We listen to patients, tap into search queries, conduct patient research and talk to clinical experts to identify unmet needs and areas of interest in order to deliver quality content that is helpful, actionable and relevant. 

Our creators

Content is a team sport, and through partnerships established throughout Washington as well as through our affiliation with Providence we have some of the best health and wellness minds committed to delivering world class advice. Every asset published is vetted by qualified and experienced writers, editors and designers well versed in the art and science of health and wellness. Our creators who work directly with clinicians to ensure the advice is timely and accurate.

Working with clinical contributors

Whether it’s a simple review request, sourcing a quote or doing a deep dive interview, our writers take great care in vetting ideas and content with our clinical contributors. The ties we’ve established with clinical contributors ensures that the guidance, advice and tips we publish are current and accurate. We have a dedicated clinical team that monitors medical standards and clinical guidelines and we update the content accordingly. 

We may not always get it right, and that’s where we welcome your feedback. If you have questions or concerns about potentially outdated content or unclear or contradictory information, we encourage you to reach out . We will act on your feedback. 

Our voice

In order to deliver accurate clinical advice and build meaningful relationships with people, we are guided by four attributes. These attributes enable us to bring a consistent and relatable tone of voice to everything we publish. 

1. Personal: compassionate, conversational, respectful
2. Pioneering: brave, optimistic, selfless
3. Mindful: thoughtful, empathetic, sincere
4. Dynamic: driven, smart, assured

We hope these attributes come across in our content, and we hope you’ll tell us if we’ve strayed off course. 

We’re here to ease your way as it relates to learning about and making decisions for your health and wellness. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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Our clinical contributors

Trust can only be brokered by ensuring the clinical accuracy and medical integrity of everything we publish. Over the years we have built hundreds of relationships with clinical subject matter experts across the Swedish system. From surgeons to nurses to midwives and dietitians, our bench of clinical contributors is best in class. 

Peter Olson, MD, Internal Medicine

Lulu Iles – Shih, MD, Gastroenterology

Amir Bastawrous, MD, Colon and Rectal Surgery

David Lam, MD, Cardiology

Neeta Jain, MD, Pediatrics

James Kuan, MD, Urology

James Bowen, MD, Neurology

Ronan Cahill, MD, Sports Medicine

Ashley Fuller, MD, Gynecology

Madalina Petrescu, MD, Cardiology, Women’s Cardiovascular Disease

Ming Zhang, MD, Cardiology

Kinsey Mccormick, MD, Medical Oncology

Jennifer O'Donnell, PsyD.

Dr. O'Donnell is a clinical psychologist and clinical program director for Behavioral Health Integration at Swedish. Behavioral Health integration is an effort to serve the ever-growing recognition that our physical health is not separate from our emotional/behavioral health. By treating behaviorally influenced conditions as a part of the medical team, LICSWs and psychologists help to reduce the stigma and barriers associated with seeking mental health support. Dr. O’Donnell hopes to see behavioral health care become a routine part of how we engage with health care, as well as ensuring that there is no wrong door to accessing the help that someone needs.

Hayley Quinn, PsyD

Dr. Quinn is a behavioral health consultant at Swedish Medical Group in Seattle and assistant professor at Washington State University School of Medicine. She has specialized training in pediatric primary care. Dr. Quinn’s professional interests include parent management, nutrition, sleep and child development. Dr. Quinn is passionate about educating the local community on behavioral health topics through TV news interviews, podcasts and social media platforms.