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550 17th Avenue, Suite 540
Seattle, WA 98122
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Swedish Neuroscience Specialists - Epilepsy

550 17th Avenue, Suite 540, Seattle, WA 98122

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About Michael Doherty

Dr. Michael Doherty is a Neurologist who specializes in Epilepsy care. He joined the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in 2003 and is the Medical Director of our Epilepsy program. Dr. Doherty works closely with Swedish’s multidisciplinary epilepsy team on state of the art therapies. Specific interests include special needs populations, medication management during pregnancy, new onset seizure, hard-to-treat epilepsy and neurostimulation or surgical treatments of epilepsy. Dr. Doherty was selected by Seattle Magazine as a Top Doctor in 2022.




University of Washington School of Medicine

Medical School

Tufts University School of Medicine


Professional Associations

Seattle Magazine Top Doctor – 2022, Epilepsy

Board Certifications
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Neurology
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Epilepsy
Swedish Neuroscience Specialists - Epilepsy
550 17th Avenue, Suite 540
Seattle, WA 98122

Medical Groups & Affiliations

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Swedish Cherry Hill
Swedish First Hill
Swedish Issaquah
Swedish Edmonds

I enjoy clinical research, reading, fly-fishing, studying the history of neurology and time spent with my family.

Clinical Interests

  • Absence Epilepsy
  • Ambulatory Eeg
  • Arteriovenous Malformation (Avm)
  • Childhood Epilepsy
  • Drop Attack
  • Eeg Telemetry
  • Electroencephalography
  • Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy Diet Therapy
  • Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation
  • Epileptic Confusional State
  • Epileptic Twilight State
  • Familial Epilepsy
  • First Seizure Clinic
  • Focal Seizures
  • Generalized Seizures
  • Grand Mal Status Epilepticus
  • Lennox Gastaut Syndrome
  • Loss Of Consciousness
  • Maternal Neurologic Disorders
  • Maternal Seizures
  • Myoclonus
  • New Onset Seizure
  • Non Epileptic Event
  • Petit Mal Status
  • Post Traumatic Seizures
  • Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures
  • Rasmussen Syndrome
  • Simple Partial Seizures
  • Status Epilepticus
  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Temporal Sclerosis
  • Tonic Clonic Seizure
  • Tuberous Sclerosis
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • Virtual Care
  • Wada Testing