Triggers for Smoking

What Are Your "Triggers"?

A trigger can be anything from a mood, feeling, place, or setting, to daily tasks such as driving, cleaning, or reading that increases your feelings of needing, or wanting a cigarette. Your triggers are specific to you. Knowing your triggers can help you stay in control of your cravings. Finding one or many triggers is a great first step to understanding and gaining control of your smoking habits. Here is a list of common feelings, moods, places, and activities that may tempt you to smoke.

  • Feeling stressed
  • Feeling down
  • Talking on the phone
  • Drinking liquor, wine or beer
  • Watching TV
  • Boredom
  • Driving
  • Finishing a meal
  • Playing cards
  • Taking a work break
  • Being with other smokers
  • Drinking coffee
  • Seeing someone else smoke
  • Cooling off after a fight
  • Feeling lonely
  • Before or after intimate activity

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