Community Health Investments

As a non-profit health system, Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA is pleased to support the vital work of local nonprofit organizations.

As a non-profit health system, Swedish is pleased to support the vital work of local nonprofit organizations. We support charitable organizations that work to improve the health of citizens in our community that align with our mission and vision, and are aligned with our community health needs assessment priorities.

Priorities through 2024: Behavioral Health, Homelessness/Housing Instability, Access to Healthcare, and Race Discrimination Within Healthcare 

Swedish complies with Stark and other federal non-profit legal requirements as well as community reporting guidelines.

Community Health Strategic Investment Transition Statement

As the climate of health care changes, Swedish’s Community Health Investment work will transition to focus on one to four major issues starting in 2023, where we will be more intentional, focused and performance driven to measure our collective impact and positively influence community health outcomes. Our current strategy is too broad, and after years of investing in multiple areas we have no way of measuring our impact on the communities’ programs we’ve invested in. The transition also means investing in fewer partners, while making a larger investment in those partners – thus providing our partners with reasonable notice and time to answer your questions.

Key takeaway

  • Align Swedish Community Health Investment areas with other Providence regions and with Swedish Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) priorities.
  • New Central Puget Sound Executive Review team will make funding decisions and provide guidance of the Community Benefit goals, objectives, and initiatives.
  • Will support internal Community Health investment operation processes as it relates to CHNA (complies with CHNA priorities and IRS community benefit reporting compliance) for the service area in alignment with its Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Team will consist of key executive leadership positions from: Ambulatory Services, Nursing, Office of Health Equity, Mission Integration, and lead by Dr. Elizabeth Wako-Chief Operating Officer