Swedish spent more than $1.1 billion in six years of community benefit

June 04, 2019

Swedish today published its 2018 Community Benefit Report, detailing the organization’s more than $237 million investment in community benefit programs for the year, including $23.8 million in free and discounted care. In the last six years, Swedish has invested more than $1.1 billion in community benefit.

“I am incredibly proud of Swedish’s unwavering commitment to provide care to everyone who walks through our doors,” said Dr. Guy Hudson, Swedish CEO. “We believe in serving our communities with the highest quality care by the best professionals in the industry.”

Read more of Dr. Hudson’s public message on the 2018 Community Benefit Report here.

As detailed in the report, Swedish served more than 93,029 Medicaid patients in 2018. In fact, the organization committed to nearly $139.7 million in unfunded government-sponsored medical care (does not include Medicare). In addition, Swedish subsidized almost $11.1 million in clinical and social services, invested in more than $50.4 million in education and research programs, and spent over $11.4 million in community health, grants and donations.

Through Swedish’s Community Health Needs Assessment, the organization addresses needs that are directly shaped by geography, demographics, environmental exposure, health-related issues and socioeconomic factors. A key component of finding innovative and measurable ways to reduce health care costs and improve the health of all people in the community includes partnering closely with more than 120 large and small local nonprofit organizations like Plymouth Housing, Lifelong, March of Dimes, American Diabetes Association, Community Lunch on Capitol Hill and the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

“We are committed to the health and wellness of our communities. It is our responsibility and privilege to be a significant influencer to ensure that people in our communities have the help they need to live healthy, happy lives.” continued Dr. Hudson.

As in years past, Swedish employees continued demonstrating their own personal commitment to the community by serving more than 13,000 volunteer hours collectively over the course of the year.

Click here to read the full Swedish 2018 Community Benefit Report.