A New Contribution to Cardiothoracic Surgical Education

August 01, 2013

By Samuel John Youssef

There is nothing more satisfying for a clinician than when a patient understands their ailment, comprehends the nature of the surgical pathology involved, and is clear on the treatment/procedure they are about to undergo. This "satisfaction" is a joyous emotion reflecting successful communication -- it is what parents feel when their children first begin to read, and what educators aspire to when their students master the material at hand.

It is a privilege to share our most recent contribution to the cardiothoracic surgery community, the TSRA Primer of Cardiothoracic Surgery. This Primer is an integrated multimedia educational resource produced by residents, for residents, illustrating the fundamental concepts a new learner needs to become familiar with upon entering the arena of cardiothoracic surgery. It is a “primer,” and as such is tailored to the student in the neophyte stage of learning.

Much effort has gone not only into amassing the core bodies of knowledge a medical student or resident in training needs to know, but rewriting it in such a way that capitalizes on the needs of the learner in this new dimension of mulltimedia technology and education.

The book is currently available on the iBookstore  and additional formats for Kindle, Android and other devices are in in development.

We hope that you will enjoy the Primer as the first of its kind in cardiothoracic surgery training, and look forward to your recommendations, feedback, and future contributions to make this a powerful resource for the new learner.