Second Trimester Checklist

Second Trimester Checklist

Second trimester: your to-do list.

  • If you haven’t yet decided where you’ll have your baby (or even if you have), you can take a tour of any or all of Swedish's four birth centers.
  • Now is a perfect time to register for classes, especially since they often fill up quickly. Some of the more popular classes to take during your second trimester include: pre-natal yoga, childbirth preparation, newborn care, breastfeeding, infant CPR and safety, and preparing big brothers and sisters for the new baby.
  • Consider signing up to make an umbilical-cord-blood donation. Blood from your baby’s umbilical cord can be collected after birth and used to help people with serious illnesses who require a stem-cell transplant. The process to collect the blood is easy, free and painless. Call the Puget Sound Blood Center at 206-292-1896 to check your eligibility.


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