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Lili A. Sacks, MD

Primary Care Physician
Languages: English
University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine
Medical School
University of Washington School of Medicine
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.8 out of 5 (288 Ratings, 46 Comments)


Dr. Sacks is an exceptional physician. She's very smart and has lots of good ideas. I trust her and would recommend her to friends and family.

I'm always treated with respect and concern over my worries. [...] I go between Seattle and [...], never feeling the need of getting a doctor elsewhere.

I find Dr Sacks to be an excellent clinician,who is attentive and responds attentively to questions and concerns,I am very happy to have her as my PCP.

I was very sad when my former doctor left her practice, and I've been trying to find a new physician that I feel a good rapport with and who demonstrates genuine interest in my health. My early visits with Dr Sacks were promising, but my last two visits were frustrating. I find that I have to answer the same questions repeatedly, which makes me feel like she's not listening. She spends a lot of time looking at the screen and very little time engaging directly with me. I am sure she is a competent doctor, but despite my expressing concerns about my decline in health (multiple injuries, issues coming up all at once), it seems like she is checking boxes, but not listening to me or genuinely addressing my concerns about what is happening to me. Two visits ago I figured she was having an off day, but this last visit was very disappointing. I'm not sure how to address this without attacking her. She's a nice lady, but I want someone who is more engaged with me about my health concerns and who demonstrates some compassion about how overwhelmed I feel. Please, please LOOK at your patients and make sure you're connecting with them and hearing what's going on with them---and not only limb by limb. Being a patient can be hard and overwhelming. Compassion and comfort are as important as prescriptions and referrals. :(

Dr. Sacks is outstanding in every way!

Dr. Sacks is terrific - been seeing her for years - always attentive, caring, engaged.

Excellent physician; best in my experience

I feel I'm not just "another" person to be seen by Dr. Sacks and have tried to refer others but no doubt to here excellent service she carries a full load of patients.

I have been a patient of Lili Sacks for many years. She is an excellent listener and sensitive to my emotional and physical needs and concerns. I would refer anyone I know to her. If Swedish continues to support physicians like her, I would recommend Swedish in general too.

I feel quite fortunate to have a primary care doctor like Lili Sacks. She is the best!

Dr. Sacks coordinated my healthcare which is quite complex and always gets the job done well as possible. I really appreciate her demeanor and listening skills (bedside manner)

Best ever!

I have recommended Lili to friends and family.

I have every confidence in her. She has referred me to other providers and they have all worked out to be as good as she says

Good experience.

Dr. Sacks is the best. I followed her from [...] to phone and have again. She listened carefully to my daughter had diagnosed her with MS, allowing her to start treatment early. My whole family sees Dr. Sacks and loves her.

Lili is an outstanding, caring physician.

I really appreciate having MyChart to facilitate questions w/ Dr. Sacks or others.

An excellent care provider who has earned my trust and respect.

Dr. Sacks is a good doctor. I feel she listens and tries to think of solutions that work for my situation. She has been concerned and engaged and always discusses potential treatments and ideas with me with respect for my decisions. It can be difficult when many different providers are tossing things that might help at me--I can't do everything they suggest in a day and somethings may help but are too difficult or burdensome to do, like swimming which comes up often. Some docs get upset or feel like I'm making excuses or not trying hard enough if I resist adding some new activity for practical reasons--like 1/2 hour in a public pool would take 3 hours of effort (driving to pool, changing, showering), that I'm a bad swimmer so it's not fun, and swimming hurts my shoulders and neck--and don't look at their suggestions in the context of what I'm already doing (daily low-impact aerobic exercise or strength training). Dr. Sacks doesn't do this--if she has a suggestion for lifestyle changes or medical treatment, she always discusses it with me and takes into account what I'm already doing. She offers practical solutions that are usually geared towards lowering the burden on me and thinks about things I could stop doing so it's not always adding one more thing I "should" do. She's also very good with managing my medication and I always feel comfortable calling her about a new medication or treatment prescribed by a specialist to get her opinion about whether she agrees and to make sure it doesn't interfere with something else I'm doing. She keeps an eye on medication without doing too much tinkering and is willing to take over prescribing from specialists once I've been taking something for a while--this is important for me to simplify getting refills and feeling secure that someone is looking at all of my medications. I definitely feel that Dr. Sacks is my "medical home" and that she's looking after my well being, keeping track of my treatments, advocating on my behalf, and really trying to optimize my quality of life even though there's only so well I have the capacity to be. She does a good job balancing being hopeful about making things better/easier on me and being realistic about what I can manage to do and how much of a difference things will make. She never gets frustrated with me when something doesn't work and admits the limits of what she knows or can do. She has developed a good understanding of how my body works and trust in my experience living with it. All of this makes her a trusted caregiver with whom I feel is willing to learn and make me part of my treatment plan. I feel comfortable discussing my situation holistically with her--including emotional health issues--without being judged or worrying that disclosing new problems, questioning recommendations, asking about/for specific treatments, or sharing my thoughts, knowledge, or research about my conditions or treatments will be received negatively or with skepticism.

Dr.Sacks is excellent.I would go to any hospital she is affiliated with.

[...] I'd like to have my blood and urine tests done before my annual exam so we can discuss my results in person. My husband's provider at [...] does this, and it's very useful! I'd like to have the discussion with my doctor vs. having to get my results on My Chart and research when it means myself. (I pay for the service, so why not be treated to a little more 'customer' service.) [...]

Dr. Sacks is great! She communicates with me great.

Dr Sacks is amazing!!!

The provider ordered antibiotics from my local pharmacy, which was good, however said that I either had pneumonia or sinus infection. My chest x-rays showed clear, so therefore I had a sinus infection. I'm not sure how that came to be, given I didn't have any sinus issues, no blood was drawn and no cultures were taken. I had the prescription filled, but never took any of the medication.

I recommended my boss at work to see her. My boss has an appointment with her [...].

I left a "concierge" practice and doctor that I have been seeing for at least 20 years. Dr. Sacks came highly recommended to me and she lived up to all that as did my entire first visit from making the appointment to getting lab work. I am so happy that Dr. Sacks was able to fit me into her practice.


I am very happy with Dr. Sack's care and have nothing but good things to say about her. She has been very supportive of me and helps me consider long and short term health goals. I just recommended her to a friend a few days ago.

It wasn't made clear that the rapid strep test could be incorrect. I found out the following week that another test came back positive and I may have infected others.

I actually recommended her to a friend after this visit.


Dr Sacks is the best!!

I drive 2 hrs. from Olympia just to see Dr. Sacks. She is very intelligent and supportive and I will continue going to her as long as I can.

Dr. Sacks is extremely accessible, caring, knowledgeable, and patient. I feel we work together as a team to keep me healthy. I am always impressed at how up-to-date her knowledge is. She is an excellent doctor and primary care provider.

lili sacks is knowledgeable and listens thoroughly to my health concerns. she encourages me on my ongoing pursuit of weight loss and healthy life style.

Although Dr. Sacks was more than 30 mins. late, she spent a lot of time with me and I appreciated that. No rush. Answered all my questions thoroughly. Hopefully the lateness was a fluke. I was her first appointment of the day.

Excellent MD. Have told friends to go to her

Dr Sacks has exceptional rapport. I researched top doctors in the King County area when I was needing to find an Internist in the Swedish Healthcare System. I found her credentials impressive. When we met for the first time, Dr. Sacks expressed a warm, genuine demeanor and listened thoughtfully. I will continue seeing Dr. Sacks as long as she stays with the Swedish family. I have referred Dr. Sacks to my family and outside circle of friends. I find her personable, and genuinely caring.

Dt Sacks is an excellent, thorough physician who genuine concern for her patients.

Dr. Saks is the most respectful, approachable and thorough general physician I have ever had. She is an excellent "doctor's doctor" - she respects my knowledge and uses excellent judgement when giving me additional information and advice. She listens attentively and makes connections with past medical history without always needing to refer to notes. She works seamlessly with my other specialist physicians. Once, when I arrived without an appointment and in a confused state, she recognized early signs of anaphylaxis in me as relayed by the receptionist. She walked promptly out to me into the waiting room and immediately began to treat me with proper emergent interventions. Dr. Saks is a physician in whom I readily place my life and wellbeing.

ALL "5's".

I liked Dr Sacks the moment she walked into the room - I could feel her genuine warmth and care for her patients. She listened and gave feedback.

Dr. Sacks is an incredible, approachable, experienced doctor I would recommend to anyone needing top-notch care. I'd follow her no matter where she worked.

Dr. Sacks is an excellent Dr. I have seen her for many years. She is is always personable, and either remembers, or has taken the time to review my recent medical history, I greatly appreciate this.

as always the best caregiver. have been seeing her for nearly 20 years. I have recommended her to many of my friends.
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