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Photo of Jonah Benjamin Hulst

Jonah B. Hulst, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
Languages: English
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
Dr. Hulst believes it is important to consider each persons unique goals and expectations. He believes patients play a key role in the decision making process. Educating patients on both surgical and non-surgical treatment options is important for helping them make informed health care choices.
Field of Study
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Medical School
Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
Adult Joint Reconstruction
Personal Interests
Dr. Hulst enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and young daughter. His interests include snowboarding, camping, and running.
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Surgery, Orthopedic
Clinical Interests
  • abnormalities of the arms
  • abnormalities of the hips
  • abnormalities of the legs
  • achilles tendon repair
  • achilles tendonitis
  • acl injuries
  • acl repair
  • ankle arthritis
  • ankle dislocation
  • ankle injury
  • anterior cruciate ligament
  • anterior cruciate ligament repair revision
  • anterior tibial tendon rupture
  • arm fracture
  • arm injury
  • arm mass
  • arm pain
  • arthralgia
  • arthritis
  • arthroscopy
  • back muscle injury
  • bone density
  • bone disorders
  • broken coccyx
  • buckle fracture
  • bursitis
  • calf muscle injury
  • cartilage injury
  • chondromalacia
  • clavicle
  • clavicle fracture
  • clicking elbow
  • clicking shoulder
  • coccyx injury
  • compartment syndrome
  • compound fracture
  • compression fracture
  • cortisone injection
  • cubital tunnel syndrome
  • delayed union
  • direct anterior total hip replacement
  • discoid meniscus
  • dislocated knee
  • elbow dislocation
  • elbow fracture
  • elbow injection
  • elbow injury
  • elbow pain
  • elbow sprain
  • femur fracture
  • fibulectomy
  • fracture
  • fracture of ankle
  • fracture of fibula
  • fracture of forearm
  • fracture of leg
  • fracture of tibia
  • fractures
  • frozen joint
  • frozen shoulder
  • fusion of joint
  • galeazzi fracture
  • gastrocnemius injury
  • gluteal injury
  • gonarthrosis
  • growth plate fracture
  • growth plate injury
  • hallux rigidus
  • hamstring injury
  • hemarthrosis
  • hip arthroplasty
  • hip dysplasia
  • hip fracture
  • hip labral tear
  • hip pain
  • hip pain, under age 60
  • hip rotator cuff
  • hip rotator cuff repair
  • hip rotator cuff tear
  • iliotibial band
  • infectious arthritis
  • injury of muscle
  • injury to the hip
  • insufficiency fracture
  • joint disorder
  • joint effusion
  • joint injection
  • joint revision
  • joint sprain
  • joint swelling
  • joint warmth
  • knee arthroplasty
  • knock knee deformity
  • lateral collateral ligament tear
  • leg injury
  • leg pain
  • ligament injury
  • limb length difference
  • malunion fracture
  • medial collateral ligament injury of the knee
  • median nerve entrapment at elbow
  • meniscus injury
  • minimally invasive hip replacement
  • muscle strain
  • muscle tears
  • non-displaced fracture
  • non-union fracture
  • olecranon bursitis
  • osteochondroma
  • osteochrondial defect
  • osteolysis
  • osteomyelitis
  • partial hip replacement
  • pelvis injury
  • periprosthetic humerus fracture
  • popliteal cyst
  • posterior cruciate ligament
  • posterior cruciate ligament repair
  • posterior cruciate ligament tear
  • posterior tibial tendon rupture
  • quadricep injury
  • radial head subluxation
  • rami fracture
  • rickets
  • rupture of achilles tendon
  • sciatica
  • separated shoulder
  • sequestrectomy
  • shoulder dislocation
  • shoulder injury
  • shoulder pain
  • shoulder strain
  • sprain
  • sternal clavicular joint dislocation
  • stress fractures
  • tendon injury
  • tendonitis
  • toe fracture
  • torn ligament
  • torn meniscus
  • torn meniscus repair
  • total hip replacement
  • total hip revision
  • total knee replacement
  • ulnar collateral ligament repair


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Abstracts and Presentations:

1.     Paprosky WG, Hulst JB.  Cementless TKA: Is it a good option for young patients?  International Congress for Joint Reconstruction – Middle East.  Dubai, March 2012.

2.     Hulst JB,  Wu G,  Le Duff MJ,  Ball ST,  Amstutz HC. Survivorship of Monoblock Cobalt Chrome Alloy Acetabular Components: Five to Twelve Year Results. Advances in Arthroplasty: AAHKS 19th Annual Meeting, Dallas, November 2009.

3.     Minamoto VB, Hulst JB, Lim MJ, Suzuki KP, Bremner SN, Ward SR, Lieber RL. Botulinum Toxin Affects Muscle Function One Year After a Single Injection. 55th Orthopaedic Research Society Meeting, Las Vegas, February 2009.

4.     Hulst JB, Minamoto VB, Lim MJ, Ward SR, Lieber RL. Differential Effect of Dose and Volume on Muscle Structure and Function after Botulinum Toxin Injection. 54th Orthopaedic Research Society Meeting, San Francisco, March 2008.

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6.     Hulst JB, Minamoto VB, Lim MJ, Ward SR, Lieber RL. Dose of Neurotoxin Injection Contributes the Majority Effect of Temporary Chemical Denervation. UCSD and NMCSD Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery Combined Resident Research Day, March 2007.

7.     Hulst JB, Minamoto VB,  Lim M, Peace WJ, Bremner SN, Ward SR, Lieber RL. Increased Efficacy and Decreased Systemic Effects of Botox® Injection after Active or Passive Muscle Manipulation. UCSD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Grand Rounds, May 2007.

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