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Ellen L. Juhl, MD

Primary Care Physician
Languages: English
University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical School
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Clinical Interests
  • abnormal ecg
  • anxiety
  • atherosclerosis
  • cardiac risk assessment
  • cardiovascular disease management
  • cholesterol disorders
  • chronic disease management
  • depression
  • diabetes mellitus
  • hypertension
  • integrative medicine
  • men's health
  • menopause
  • myocardial infarction
  • osteoporosis
  • preventive medicine
  • skin biopsy
  • tobacco use cessation
  • women's health

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4.3 out of 5 (167 Ratings, 40 Comments)


I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Juhl. this was only my 2nd appointment with her, one well check last year and the 2nd one this year for another well check. I'm very impressed with the time Dr. Juhl spends with me answering my questions and discussing my personal health. I trust her input and feel she respects mine. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a PCP.

thoroughly satisfied. Very knowledge, respectful, kind, informative, helpful and always concerned.

I have recommended Dr. Juhl to others.

good experience

Still have a mass in my leg for no apparent reason. Notable because I remember all the times I have had hematoma-like masses in a leg [...] Very worrisome. Hasn't noticeably changed. 800mg a day of naproxyn has reduced the pain, but that is a bandaid. I never was concerned with the pain (I deal with pain). I am concerned with hematomas popping up spontaneously for the first time in my life. Why this happened is a question that wasn't answered.

I really don't like that I am required to fill out pages of medical history, then it is NEVER accessed. I have a strong family history of heart disease and diabetes, and I've yet to have my blood sugar and cholesterol checked. I'm 55 btw. I do not like that when When I have to see a doctor at Swedish, they stare at their computer screen and type - I wonder if I'm seeing a doctor or secretary. They all do this.

Dr. Juhl is simply the best!

This provider was clearly irate from the moment she entered the exam room. She had great difficulty even managing a civil greeting. I had come there with a plan for tapering off the narcotic meds on which I am dependent. She did not give me an opportunity to explain this, but simply decreed that she was reducing the amount of meds. She said she had a mind to cut me off altogether. I asked her if she would really do that and risk sending me to the streets. (Not that I would - I've never done that and I haven't a clue how to do that.) She accused me of threatening her. From my point of view she was threatening me. She will, of course, have a different version of this encounter. She gave me a prescription for the reduced amount of meds and told me that she would not renew it unless I had an appointment at the pain clinic (which I have made.) I am at a loss for this extreme animosity. It's as if my dependency is a direct attack upon her. [...] I have been at the same dose for about two decades. Suddenly, I am supposed to quit? I did taper of clonazepam last year and thought I could use the same program on my pain meds.

The doctor does a good job but has a very conservative approach which works for some people and protects her from liability however since I am very liberal in my point of view we don't exactly see eye to eye.

I was given poor instructions by a specialist about a drug he had prescribed she gave me a much better understanding and set my mind at ease - suggested that I could have a second opinion if I wanted I said "Yes" and she arranged for me an appointment at [...].

I was given a positive herpes result. When I initially went into an express care clinic, the provider lost my labs. I had to go back to my primary care physician (Ellen Juhl) to get the labs re-ordered.[...] Dr. Juhl did not give me any information about herpes, either treatment or next steps, claiming that she wouldn't do this until she got test results. Even though she did a physical examination of the affected area and said she was "pretty positive" that it was herpes, she did not swab the area, which I now know (from visiting another doctor) is the only way to know for sure if you have an outbreak of herpes and which type it is (the blood tests just showed positive for the marker). While I was crying in the office, she still did not give me any information. A week later, I got a call from her Medical Assistant stating that the tests came back positive and Dr. Juhl wants me to come back again in THREE MONTHS. I couldn't believe it. I had no information on the herpes virus, no medicine to sooth the outbreak, no information about what I could do to prevent passing it along. NOTHING. I was not prescribed Valtrex because she said "the medicine won't help because the outbreak is too far along", I also know that that is not true. I feel that my diagnosis was handled very poorly by my health care professional and I will not be returning to Swedish or to Ellen Juhl. I can't believe how uneducated she was on the topic, and how unwilling she was to provide me with any information. I understand that she can't test for Type 1 or Type 2 with a blood test for three months, however, it is standard practice to swab the area and she did not do this.

Dr. Juhl is the best doctor I have ever had - excellent!

Dr. Juhl is excellent

I cannot say enough about the wonderful care I always receive from Dr. Juhl. She takes the time to listen and tries to resolve any health issues/concerns I may have.

this was my first yearly check up with Dr Juhl. Appointment seemed more relaxed than i am used to. she couldve checked my eyes, my ears, reflexes, etc but because i am good health maybe this was not necessary.

Dr. Juhl is dismissive and rude. She talked over and dismissed my concerns. She failed to discuss serious side effects of the medication she was prescribing to me, and when I expressed my concern and hesitation regarding these medications (and a desire for an alternative), she belittled me and attributed my concerns to anxiety, rather than factual research. When I later followed up via email with her about this, showing her peer reviewed citations of studies that support my concerns, she got snippy with me. I'm a medical researcher and hold a PhD, so I have the necessary background to understand the finer points of treatment. I expect my healthcare providers to help guide my treatment and discuss issues in a frank, open and factual manner. When I have concerns, they are based on facts, and I expect them to be addressed as such. When I am uncomfortable with a certain treatment, I expect my provider to respect that choice and help find an alternative, as opposed to attempting to brow beat me into taking a medication associated with side effects that, to me, are worse than the condition the medication is supposed to treat.

Dr Juhl is great! She handles [...]'s early stage dementia with grace and compassion, and has helped us make decisions about her care. I would highly recommend her.

I'm excited to have Dr. Juhl as my new primary care provider. Extremely positive experience

I get the impression that the only thing this provider is interested in is getting me off pain meds which I have been taking for more than 30 years.

Good experience.

Dr Juhl is an effective, compassionate and responsive person. Even when she can't do a thing about the condition.


I will be switching from this provider. My last two experiences with her have not left me feeling confident that I have a doctor that cares for me or my health conditions. She has always been rushed and I feel like I have to talk as fast as I can in order to get in everything that I'm visiting for. On one previous occasion when I tried to bring up a health issue I was having, she said "let's save discussing that for another time". I work full time, and have to take a half day off work each time I go to this office. If I had a provider that I liked, it would be worth it, but everything about this location is unappealing. I have had two very good experiences, one with a nurse on the phone whose name I can't recall, but she was extremely helpful and went out of her way to assist me. [...]

Dr. Juhl is a great provider. She is easy to talk to and gives practical medical advice. I feel like I can ask any question and she thoughtfully responds. My health is good right now, so we talked about diet, exercise stress management and things to keep me healthy. I feel confident that if something went terribly wrong with my health she would be there for me. She is a great doctor!!

Dr. Juhl and her assisting nurse were very professional, yet warm and caring. Great appointment experiences every time! Even a little humor!

Makes me feel comfortable and secure in her decisions.

Dr. Juhl is my favorite doctor I've ever worked with. She is kind, compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable.

Have already recommended Dr Juhl to friends. I hope she stays at Swedish a loooong time.


This was my first meeting my former PCP retired and she was recommended & I like her a lot.

Dr. Juhl got incredibly defensive when I asked questions and gave no regard for why I was concerned about my health. I question her ability to empathize with patients and give a holistic approach to preventative healthcare.

Dr. [...] recommended Dr. Juhl for me when he retired. I am very happy with his recommendation and with the care that Dr. Juhl is giving me.

I've already recommended Dr. Juhl to a number of people.

the doctor I saw was not my PCP, because my PCP was unavailable for over two weeks, which is not ver comforting, but I needed to see someone sooner. Dr. Juhl didn't listen to me. Didn't offer any actual diagnosis. Didn't even bother with any type of physical exam. The visit was a waste of my time and I left feeling worse than when I arrived. I now have to make ANOTHER appointment with my PCP in the hopes that someone will take me seriously. In the meantime, I have now been suffering for over two weeks because my PCO could not see me earlier and I refuse to meet with any other doctor at that clinic based on my terrible experience with Dr. Juhl. I am highly dissatisfied and frustrated with the lack of care provided by this clinic!

As always, I have great conversation and understanding with Dr Juhl. Thanks :)

Not many questions or decisions on my part. Visit was fairly straightforward. Immediately diagnosed and appropriate course of action determined.

Juhl isn't available, & after she wouldn't look at my mole removal, because different Swedish doc. removed it, she isn't a decent human being in my book.

very personable and down to earth. practical in her consultation and explanations. very pleased

Information fine but given I am still sick and she Delayed the antibiotic prescription I am EXTREMELY disappointed in that care. Words she used seemed to be "dumbed down". I was a little put off.

This was my first visit with Dr. Juhl [...]. She was very nice!
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