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Taralee A. Adams, DO

Primary Care Physician
Languages: English
Field of Study
Touro University College Of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical School
Valley Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program
Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine with Obstetrics
Clinical Interests
  • pregnancy

The Patient Rating score is based on responses given during the CAHPS Patient Experience Survey.Responses are measured on a 10 - point scale, with 10 being the best score. These scores are then translated to a 5 - point scale in order to display results in a 5 - star rating.Comments are also gathered from the same survey and displayed in their entirety with the exception of any language that may be considered slander, libel or contain private health information, which will be removed prior to publishing the comments.

4.6 out of 5 (121 Ratings, 24 Comments)


Dr. Adams is a really wonderful doctor! I grew up in a tiny town, and had the same doctor from birth to about 18, and hadn't found a doctor that great since. Dr. Adams really makes me feel like she cares about me and what I have to say. I'm very glad I was recommended to see her by a friend!

Love Dr.Adams always shows she truly cares about what's going on and on top of it.

best doctor I have ever had!

Taralee Adams is the best doctor I've ever had over 40 years. She is intelligent, caring, always looking for options & solutions.

Dr Adams was excellent. She was friendly and professional. She took time to go through my medical and family history, which I appreciated. She asked questions in a straight-forward and open manner. She was able to answer my questions about age-appropriate health screenings thoroughly. Would definitely recommend her to others, and I look forward to having her as my PCP

I always leave my visits with Dr. Adams feeling hopeful and better than I did prior.


After following Dr. Adam's advice, the patient's condition worsens. She offered a rigid approach and assessment. I will have to find another provider who studied Pediatric and has experience in the field.

Dr. Adams was so great - she talked a little about how her son had a similar skin problem [...], which is so helpful to hear.

Dr. Adams is wonderful; she explained the various prescription options for prevention of my condition and took my opinion about medications into account. She did a great job of explaining the positive and negative side effects of each medication and took other factors that effect my health into account while selecting a course of prevention/treatment.

Explanations were quite thorough and very helpful, Dr was respectful and compassionate.

I recently switched over to your services from [...]. So far, Dr. Adams and your staff have been timely, courteous, and very thorough when addressing my health needs. I also feel that my voice was heard and I was not treated like a "number" or just another statistic for a medical trainee to mark on their service record. I am very glad I switched to your services and I wish I would have long ago. I look forward to working on my goals of health maintenance and improvement with your services.

Dr. Adams is a Dr who understands you.

dr.Adams has been very kind and knowledgeable about my health as I require quite a bit more one on one time do to th severity of my health problems Thank you

Dr. Adams was very dismissive of my health concerns, acting as if they were overblown (at best) or nonexistent (at worst). She barely examined me and treated me like a hypochondriac. I had kept notes of my symptoms and their progression and she made me feel so uncomfortable sharing them that I stopped halfway through the list. At the end of the exam she gave me a printout and under the heading where she had listed my primary health concerns, I saw that she had not even mentioned my primary concern, instead writing some of the supplementary info I had given her, which only confirmed my feelings that she was not taking my concerns seriously. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt that perhaps because this was her first time seeing me she wasn't able to fully recognize the changes I was concerned about because she had no frame of reference. However, I know my body very well and i can tell when something is wrong or different (and if she were actually interested she should have been able to, too), and especially since I've seen a doctor in this office about this problem before and it has only progressed dramatically since then, I would hope my dr would share at least a little of my concern. Instead, i am treated as though my health problems aren't important unless I'm literally at death's door, and as long as all cursory exams and basic blood work are normal, whatever symptoms I'm showing/experiencing might as well be imaginary. And while no one wishes they were imaginary more than myself, seeing as how they're (unfortunately) quite real, I'm seemingly forced to take my medical concerns elsewhere if I want any hope of getting better.

Dr. Adams is the best!!!! I always bring up her name when I hear someone needs a doctor in the area.

In the third trimester of my pregnancy, some complications have led to increased monitoring and frequent appointments-- so I've seen Dr. Adams a lot! I think she is a great doctor. Very easy to talk to, clearly explains complex medical issues, asks questions and listens to me, etc. I appreciate her approach of providing information and laying out choices, then leaving the decisions up to me where possible. If I ask for her opinion or what she would do, she will clearly explain, but I always feel that the door is open for me to make the right choices for me and my pregnancy (within the safe options she provides). There is no pressure to do things a certain way.

Even though I had a long history to go through, I did not feel rushed.

Dr. Adams is wonderful. It is obvious she is very knowledgeable in the field, but she is also incredibly personable. I did not feel rushed or as if I were just another patient. She seemed genuinely interested in me, as a whole person, and dedicated to helping me live the most healthy life possible.

Instead of a pat answer the care provider gave me real world do-able recommendations.

I remember a visit where she was interrupted during a time a was expressing many concerns and even in that moment she I was amazed and grateful as to how she handled the situation and maintained her focus on my concerns. I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with her.

I was surprised but pleased with the amount of questions Dr. Adams asked. She asked quite a few, many I had not thought about for causing my symptoms.

I made the appointment to address my high blood pressure. Dr Adams, after greeting me said, "I read all your psychiatry records from Dr. [...]". Dr [...] was a good doctor to me [...] but that was back in 2012. My life is incredibly different than it was then, thanks to my dedication to improving my career and quality of the people in my social circle. Dr. Adams believes my high blood pressure is due to anxiety, and she refused to treat the anxiety based on psychiatry notes from 5 years ago. [...] Dr. Adams asked that I purchase a blood pressure cuff and take my blood pressure daily and return in two weeks as a way to differentiate hypertension from anxiety-caused elevated blood pressure. So while she didn't ignore the issue, her skepticism was palpable.

I have been having a wonderful experience with Dr. Adams! [...] shortly before this appointment, I had my 20-week anatomy ultrasound and while I was told everything was normal during this appointment, I later found out there were abnormalities and I would need further testing. I found this out by chance via the MyChart website, which was upsetting to me because I felt confused and scared, and it was hard to get answers or clarification due to the holidays. However, I think that the final results may have come in after Dr. Adams was already on vacation, so I don't blame her at all. I would just say the experience in general was not ideal, and made me feel a bit wary about working with Swedish for the remainder of my pregnancy. I do feel better now, because Dr. Adams actually ended up calling and emailing me from home to discuss my concerns before the follow-up appointment. I really, really appreciated that and I felt that she went above and beyond to put my mind at ease and make me feel listened to.
Swedish Greenlake Primary Care
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Seattle, WA 98115