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The Swedish TeleNeurosurgery Program enhances communication between your provider and the neurosurgeons at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. The program also improves access for patients throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest who would benefit from neurosurgical expertise.

The current critical shortage of neurosurgeons means that these highly trained physicians are often only available at major medical centers in urban areas, such as Seattle. Via the TeleNeurosurgery system, neurosurgeons at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute are provided remote, secure access to essential images and data, which allows them to promptly evaluate the patient and offer initial treatment recommendations.

TeleNeurosurgery patients who live outside the Seattle area do not have to travel great distances or be physically located in the same room as the neurosurgeon for their initial evaluations.

This simple, yet highly effective, utilization of centralized resources and subspecialty expertise means physicians and hospitals are able to provide patient-focused specialty care close to home.