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Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Swedish Otolaryngology offers allergy testing and all aspects of allergy treatment including immunotherapy (allergy shots). Our Allergy staff includes Dr. Linnea Peterson, Dr. Gabriela Sanchez and Dr. Vincent Chan. We can coordinate your allergy treatment to fit your schedule. We offer allegy testing and immunotherapy (sublingual drops) at our three locations; in Seattle at First Hill, Ballard and Issaquah.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 206-215-1770.

Allergy Diagnosis

During your initial visit, your physician will carefully review your health history and current symptoms as well as your family's health history. Routine skin testing is generally used to diagnose your allergy symptoms so your doctor can provide the most effective form of treatment.


Immunotherapy builds up blocking antibodies by repeated exposure to allergens, reducing your allergic response and possibley eliminating the allergy altogether. When allergen avoidance and medications do not successfully control your allergy symptoms, your physician may recommend immunotherapy. Through shots or oral drops, your doctor can change your body's response to the problem allergen over time. Immunotherapy can improve or eliminate symptoms, as well as reduce or eliminate the need for medications and future treatment.

Pre-allergy testing instructions