What To Expect: School Aged Children

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Years 5-12

Children aged 5-12 need 10-11 hours of sleep.

Sleep problems and disorders are prevalent at this age. During this age, children become more interested in TV, computers, the media and internet as well as caffeine products – all of which can lead to difficulty falling asleep, nightmares and disruptions to their sleep. In particular, watching TV close to bedtime has been associated with bedtime resistance, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety around sleep and sleeping fewer hours.

Poor or inadequate sleep can lead to mood swings, behavioral problems such as hyperactivity and cognitive problems that impact their ability to learn in school.

Helpful Sleeping Tips:

  • Teach school aged children about healthy sleep habits.
  • Continue to emphasize the need for regular and consistent sleep schedules and bedtime routines.
  • Make your child's bedroom conducive to sleep – dark, cool and quiet.
  • Keep all TVs and computers out of the bedroom.
  • Avoid caffeine.