Swedish Liver Care Network

"Our mission is to improve liver health in the Pacific Northwest." - Kris Kowdley, M.D.

The Swedish Liver Care Network is uniquely positioned to advance the care of patients with liver disease via research, population health efforts, education and training via partnership with the extensive Providence Network, which serves the health care needs of a large number of patients in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Montana and Alaska. This includes integration of care delivery between Swedish as the quaternary hospital for liver care, including liver transplantation and the regional affiliated hospitals within our health system.

The Swedish Liver Care Network works closely with the Swedish Digestive Health Institute, the Swedish Organ Transplant Program, the Swedish Organ Care Research Program and the Swedish Liver Center.


Our goal is to establish best practices for liver care, to ensure that patients with liver disease will receive the same care at all of our facilities. We are also committed to bringing cutting-edge clinical and translational research to our patients, as well as educating health care providers on liver disease diagnosis and treatment.

Current initiatives are focused on the development of screening and treatment guidelines for: