Measure Your Metabolism

At the Swedish Nutrition Care Clinics, on the Ballard and First Hill campuses, individualized nutrition counseling now includes evaluation of a patient’s resting metabolic rate through a new device called MedGem®.

How does MedGem work?

MedGem is an innovative new handheld device that measures resting metabolism, providing accurate and scientific measurement of the number of calories you burn each day while resting. Understanding your unique metabolism and monitoring changes provides essential control in managing nutrition and weight, and improving overall health and fitness.

MedGem ensures that you receive the best nutritional care for your health needs, whether you are:

  • Trying to lose or maintain your weight
  • Recovering from an illness and need to gain weight for proper healing
  • Working toward a fitness goal, such as training for a marathon or endurance event

For more information

For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation, please call the Swedish Nutrition Care Clinic at 206-781-6228.