Managing Symptoms and Overall Wellness

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are some of the most varied of any disease. They depend on the location of damaging lesions, which can occur in the brain, spinal cord or optic nerves. Symptoms are unique to each person and they can change the course of the disease in unpredictable ways. Our specialists use medication to treat MS, but we also have many other services that are equally important to nurturing your well-being. They include physically therapy, support groups for you and your loved ones, and an active, caring community to help you thrive. Our wellness teams will create a treatment plan for your unique needs. 

Getting started with managing your wellness

Visit our Comprehensive Wellness pages to learn the many ways the MS Center at Swedish can help you manage your symptoms, recover loss of motor function, stay active, get emotional support and much more.
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If you have not decided on a facility or a doctor for treatment, learn how the MS Center provides for your comprehensive treatment. From the moment you step through our doors, we are at your service with:


For more information, please call 206-320-2200.

Current patients can use MY CHART to schedule appointments with our specialists. We can even plan back-to-to back appointments to make the most of your visit. This approach can be ideal for out-of-town patients.

New patients will need a referral to schedule a consultation.
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