Vocational Services

Multiple sclerosis may affect a person's ability to work or participate in an educational program. Many people wonder if they can keep working. Some quit because of their MS limitations and then face financial stress.

Our Vocational Services team knows there is a place in the working world for people with MS, and we can help you look at your employment options -- whether you want to stay at your current job, make a career change or apply for disability.

Vocational services at the MS Center are free and can often be coordinated with other appointments on the same day.

Our Vocational Services team can help people with MS:

  • Stay employed. Our vocational counselor focuses on reasonable accommodations at work and serves as an advocate for employment rights.
  • Learn how to talk to an employer about an MS diagnosis and how to handle disclosure in the workplace
  • Find a job, use job search strategies, write a resume and learn interview tips
  • Change careers and learn what to consider before making a change
  • Plan for school, whether it’s transitioning from high school or choosing a college program
  • Navigate disability. We can help patients understand disability benefits and how to effectively file a claim for SSDI, and short- and long-term disability.
  • Find volunteer work, for enrichment or enjoyment

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