MS Treatment and Management

Treatment and care at the Swedish MS Center begins here. Our Management and Treatment Team includes neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and highly skilled nurses trained in multiple sclerosis care. Our physicians and nurses strive to help patients achieve optimal wellness. This means working closely to coordinate treatment of MS symptoms, welcoming patients into a supportive community and helping them get the care and services they need for their emotional well-being.

Many of our patients start with a neurological consultation. This is particularly useful for those who have MS or are newly diagnosed and:

  • Want to learn about treatment
  • Have experienced vision changes  
  • Need ongoing monitoring and treatment
  • Want to know about research and future treatment options

Our nurses are an essential link between patients and physicians. They help educate patients, discuss many medical issues with patients and follow up on test results. Much of a patient’s telephone contact with the center is through one of our nurse specialists.

Nurses on the Treatment and Management Team also serve as a link to the MS Center’s other wellness teams. They connect patients with specialists who can help them with resources, classes and programs that can improve life with MS.

Learn more about the members of the MS Treatment and Management Team: