Our Comprehensive Wellness Approach

At the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center, we know that treating MS goes beyond prescribing medication. We call our comprehensive approach “maximizing your well-being.” As part of this approach, we have wellness teams to help you stay as healthy and active as possible – mentally, physically and socially. In addition to medication, we focus on:

Physical well-being: We have one of the few rehabilitation physicians in the country with special fellowship training in MS. At the MS Center, we offer an exercise plan tailored to your condition and symptoms – and you can expect results. Tour our specially equipped gym and talk to our patients about their progress.

Emotional well-being: Emotional health is vital to living well with MS. Our rehabilitation psychologist, neuro-psychiatrist and counseling program help patients and their families cope with the ups and downs of the disease. We also hold workshops on depression, pain management and other topics to promote emotional health.

Community: One of our top goals at the MS Center is to help people with MS stay in their communities. Remaining active with family and friends and at work is an important part of staying strong and positive. We help patients do this with an array of support groups and activities. Our message to you: We care and you are not alone.

Explore the areas below to see how our wellness teams can provide for your comprehensive wellness -- all in one place and with unmatched expertise.

Physical Wellness Team
We offer rehab, fitness classes and more to help you stay mobile and manage your symptoms.
Physical Wellness Strategies ›

Emotional Wellness Team
Our counselors and support groups help people with MS connect and learn from others.
Emotional Wellness & MS ›

Vocational Wellness Team
When MS affects your ability to work, we can help you stay employed, or make a smooth transition to disability.
About Vocational Services ›

Social Wellness Team
Our specialists can help with housing, social services, financial aid and more.
More on Social Services ›

Treatment and Management
Our specialized physicians and nurses help patients manage MS and treat ongoing symptoms.
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Disease Modifying Therapies
Learn about how drug treatments can slow and change the course of MS.
Learn about DMTs ›

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