Emotional Wellness

Multiple sclerosis can affect a patient’s emotional and behavioral health. At the MS center, our neuro-psychiatrist, rehabilitation psychologist, social worker, adventure guide and patient education coordinator work together as an Emotional Wellness Team. These specialists help patients cope with their illness and adjust to what for some can mean many changes in their daily lives.

MS can cause physical disabilities, decrease cognitive functioning, affect interpersonal relationships, limit social opportunities and cause challenges at work. The MS Center’s Emotional Wellness team provides therapy and counseling for patients and families who need help living with the disease, or possibly medication to ease depression and anxiety.

The Emotional Wellness Team also helps patients and families come up with strategies to make positive changes that promote and maintain optimal physical and mental health. These changes could include losing weight, quitting smoking or exercising regularly.

At the MS Center, we have built a supportive community that can help MS patients cope – and even thrive – with the disease. We offer regular family and patient support groups, and wellness classes such as Pilates, yoga, music therapy, musical reconditioning and a book club. And for MS patients looking for other opportunities to boost their spirits and confidence, we have an Adventure Guide who works with patients to create highly individualized recreational opportunities that reflect their interests and lifestyle.

There are many programs that can enhance the quality of life for MS patients, and our Emotional Wellness Team can help you find the right ones for your circumstances.

Learn more about the members of the Emotional Wellness Team:

Lina Fine, M.D., MPhil
Michelle, Toshima, Ph.D.
Alan Wittenberg, MSW, RC
Simon Gale, OTR/L
Mallory Higgins, patient education coordinator