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An EEG (electroencephalograph) is a recording made of the electrical activity that the brain naturally produces in order to communicate with itself and the body. This recording is made using small gold cup electrodes that are pasted onto the scalp. There is no need to cut or shave the hair; it is simply parted by the technologist to reach the scalp. There is no pain or sensation to this process; it is a non-invasive procedure that does not put anything into or out of the brain.

You will be given pre-test instructions including possible sleep deprivation per your physician’s order. The technologist will take a history including medication list. Your scalp will be measured and the electrode placements marked with a washable marker or crayon. The scalp and hair must be clean and dry without products. The electrodes will be pasted onto the scalp after it is cleansed with a grit type scrub cleanser. The head will then be wrapped with a cotton gauze to keep the electrodes on.

During the EEG the technologist will ask you to perform simple tasks. You may be asked to perform a deep breathing exercise. A flashing strobe light is used at different speeds. You may be asked to relax and attempt to sleep.

After the electrodes are applied, the EEG will take about 40 minutes. When the EEG is finished the technologist will use warm water to remove all products used.

You will obtain EEG results from your referring provider or physician. The technologist can not give you the EEG results as the recording is interpreted by a qualified neurologist.