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Cerebrovascular Center

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The neurosurgeons at Swedish are recognized worldwide for their expertise in surgically treating and repairing aneurysms, AVMs, Moyamoya and other rare conditions. Meet our neurosurgeons

Interventional Neuroradiologists

Interventional neuroradiologists are radiologists, neurologists and/or neurosurgeons who have received additional training in diagnosing cerebrovascular disorders using CT, MRI and cerebral angiogram imaging and in repairing brain aneurysms using minimally invasive techniques such as aneurysm coiling. Meet our neuroradiologists 

Stroke Neurologist

A neurologist is a physician who has extra training and expertise in treating conditions of the nervous system. The neurologist works closely with the emergency room physician to perform a neurologic exam on the patient who has suffered a stroke. This evaluation is critical in determining how the stroke has affected the patient and the best treatment. Meet our stroke neurologist


This key member of the Cerebrovascular Center team is responsible for anesthesia and pain management for patients undergoing treatment for brain blood vessel disorders. Meet our neuroanesthesiologist