Hybrid Procedures

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Cardiovascular services are provided at our main facility at Cherry Hill and at multiple locations in King, Snohomish, Clallam and Grays Harbor Counties.

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Complex Aortic and Thoracic Abdominal Aneurysm Repair

For some patients with extensive aortic aneurysms, multiple aneurysms or thoracic abdominal aneurysms, the best approach to treatment may be a combination or hybrid approach of open surgery and endovascular repair.

As an example, the two-stage, hybrid "elephant trunk" procedure is commonly recommended for patients who have extensive aortic aneurysms as well as other medical conditions, such as respiratory problems or cardiac problems.

  • In the first stage, Swedish surgeons use a traditional incision in the sternum to replace the aortic valve, ascending aorta and arch, and place an “elephant trunk” graft that hangs in the descending aorta. The aorta is wrapped at the diaphragm.
  • During the second-stage, an endovascular approach is then used to place a stent graft that connects the “elephant trunk” to the descending-aorta graft.

Iliac Artery Aneurysm Repair and Stenting

Combined or hybrid interventions involving endovascular and open procedures performed either one after the other or at the same time are becoming more common at Swedish. Iliac artery (located in the pelvic area) aneurysms traditionally have been treated by direct surgical reconstruction.

Today, however, physicians at the Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute are among the nation’s best at combining open surgery with endovascular stent grafts to provide an effective but less invasive treatment option for patients with iliac artery aneurysms.