Minimally-invasive Heart Valve Surgery

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Benefits of Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery | FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Continuing advances in minimally invasive heart valve surgery are providing a wide range of benefits to Swedish patients, including faster recovery times and scarring that is much less visible.


  • Mitral valve repair or replacement
  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Tricuspid valve repair or replacement
  • atrial septal defect repairs
  • MAZE procedure for atrial fibrillation.

For a Referral or More Information

To learn more about minimally invasive heart surgery at Swedish, please visit the links in the box in the upper right. You may also contact Swedish Cardiac Surgery at 206-320-7300.

Are you a Candidate for Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery?

All Swedish cardiac patients who require aortic valve replacement, mitral valve repair, mitral valve replacement, tricuspid valve repair, tricuspid valve replacement as well as atrial septal defect repair are considered candidates for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Extensive evaluation determines which candidates ultimately undergo a minimally invasive procedure.

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