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Overall patient satisfaction with Swedish Doula Services: 4.9 out of 5.

What Swedish Patients are Saying about Doula Services

“We appreciated that [our doula] knew the little ins and outs of how things worked at the hospital, and was able to let me and my husband do our thing while we were doing well, then step in if we needed extra support. We also loved having her come by for the two postpartum visits – it was super helpful to have her here for support, knowing that she was looking out for us and would help however she could.”

“I had a very positive experience working with my doula. Her depth of knowledge of pain management techniques was extremely helpful during my birth. She was also very sensitive to my goals and preferences for my birth and was responsive throughout the labor process. Overall, I thought the program was an incredible value and ultimately made my birth/labor a more positive experience than it would have been without having a doula helping us.”

“We feel so fortunate to have been able to have worked with [our doula] during the birth of our daughter. [She] was the calming presence both my husband and I needed during that time! She was so receptive to my needs (even when I couldn't express them myself!) and was such a reassuring force inside our home and at the hospital. She was such a vital role to our wonderful birthing experience.”

“Having [a doula] there helped my husband know better how to support me and I felt I could rely on him more because she was supporting him as well.”

“I admittedly was skeptical about the benefits of a doula and really embarked on hiring [one] because my husband travels for work and I was afraid of going into labor alone. I am happy to report I am a complete convert. [Our doula] was there for us during the course of my 36 hour labor and through the delivery. I was so grateful for her support of me and my husband during our entire journey. She was invaluable to our experience.”

“[Our Swedish doula] was absolutely amazing. Even after having the epidural, her presence was pivotal in my labor progressing. She stayed with us every step of the way. Once we got home, she continued to check on us, making sure we were doing well with a new baby. She also checked on my emotional well being which was great. I can't sing her praises high enough.”

“[My doula] was amazing and made me so much more comfortable during my long wait to delivery. Having her there also supported my husband. I was so grateful for her massages during labor and my c-section. She coached me during labor and definitely helped me stay calm during the surgery.”

“Our doula was fantastic. He provided amazing support to us before, during, and after the birth of our child. Without his help I likely would not have been able to have the unmedicated labor that I hoped for. I feel like the amount of support we received from him far exceeded what we paid for this support. I wouldn't change anything about our doula experience.”

“My doula relieved a lot of my stress and worry over the birth process – this was my 3rd and I had two intense, fast & different births with the prior babies. I was looking for someone to help me stay calm and [she] did that – she listened to what I wanted and was spot on! Great value, best money spent for this birth! Wishing I had her there for the first two!”

“[Our doula] was invaluable – she kept our sanity, and took care of both of us. We could've done this without her, but it wouldn't have been pretty!”

“I was fairly certain I wanted to get a doula but hearing about the Swedish program solidified our decision. This was a great experience for me from start to finish. Having doulas vetted and being able to touch base with [the Swedish Doula Program coordinator] as first steps to this process made it easy and not daunting, which is how I felt when initially looking at doulas on my own.”

“Our doula was incredible. The doctor and nurses changed but she was with us throughout the entire experience. The doctor and nurses were primarily concerned about our baby and the labor process, however our doula was able to focus on what I needed and assist in making sure my needs were met as well as keep me motivated and confident throughout my labor. I always felt supported with my doula by my side and I was able to have the birth experience I wanted because of her.”