Education Services

The Swedish Diabetes Education Center now offers a virtual Diabetes “Steps” class through the Zoom platform instead of in-person classes. This change allows our patients to continue to focus on improving their diabetes self-management, without needing to leave the safety and comfort of their own homes. Please call 206-215-2440 for more information and to register.

The classes are informative, interactive and beneficial for anyone with Type 2 diabetes. They are ideal for those who are recently diagnosed with diabetes, as well as for someone who has had it for a while and needs a refresher. They are designed to empower people with diabetes with the skills and knowledge to self-manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

All classes are taught in English; interpreters are available for individual sessions.

You will need a referral from your physician that includes clinical information about your diabetes; this will help us in billing your insurance company. Ask your physician to fax in a referral or send it electronically.

An experienced teaching team

The diabetes program at the Swedish Bariatric, Metabolic and Endocrine Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. All providers are either Registered Nurses (RN) or Registered Dietitians (RD) who are Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, formerly called Certified Diabetes Educators.

Insurance coverage

Medicare typically pays for diabetes classes, but they may not cover individual appointments. Private insurance companies vary in coverage, but almost all will cover classes for diabetes education. We encourage patients to verify insurance coverage prior to signing up for the classes.