Helpful Videos

Learn more about healthy habits by watching the following short videos:

1. Whole Foods vs. Processed foods - Ellie Freeman Watch now

Improving one’s diet includes choosing more whole foods and decreasing the amount of processed foods. This video explains the difference between whole foods and processed foods and why you should choose one over the other.

2. What is the difference between exercise and activity? - Jessica Reber Watch now

Exercise and activity are both beneficial to health. But what is the difference, and how much of each should you get? Learn ways to increase both in your daily life.

3. What is Diabetes? - Katie Abrahamson Watch now

Learn the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Symptoms are described.

4. How much water does a body need? - Ellie Freeman Watch now

Drinking water has many benefits. But do you know how much water you should be drinking daily?.

5. The Three Elements of Physical Activity - Kat Kopfler  Watch now 

A well rounded fitness program includes aerobic, stretching and strength exercises. Learn the differences between each and suggestions on how to incorporate all three into your exercise regimen.

6. The Five Food Groups - Julia Simpson Watch now

Eating a balanced variety of foods is important for health. Learn about the 5 food groups, and which nutrients they provide.

7. Healthy Fats - Christy Goff  Watch now

There are different types of fats in food. Some are healthy and some are not. Learn about the different types and which ones to add to your diet.

8. Staying Safe with Exercise - Terasak Roeksbutr  Watch now

Recommendations are given to exercise safely.

9. Preventing Complications of Diabetes - Christy Goff  Watch now 

Three simple ways of preventing diabetes complications are discussed.

10. Portion Control and Serving Size - DeeAnna VanReken Watch now

Choosing appropriate portion and serving sizes will help make you better able to manage your diabetes and weight.

11. Nutrition Summary: Putting it All Together - Siona Sammartino  Watch now

Learn about whole foods and the benefits of choosing these foods for a more healthful diet.

12. Nutrition for Staying Healthy and Preventing Health Problems - Laura Prevo  Watch now

The different nutrients in food are explained and their health benefits described.

13. Nutrition for Diabetes - Jessica Reber  Watch now

This video describes healthful ways to eat. The focus is on which foods contain carbohydrates. Using plates and bowls that help measure serving sizes of carbohydrates for portion control can help in managing your diabetes.

14. Medication Management of Diabetes - Terasak Roeksbutr  Watch now

Taking medications as prescribed by your doctor is very important. But there can be a risk of low blood sugar with some medications for diabetes. Learning about this can keep you safe. Review all supplements with your doctor before taking them.

15. Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Korrin Fotheringham  Watch now

First step to weight loss is prevention of weight gain. Small changes over time, like balanced eating and more activity, can lead to weight loss.

16. Low Blood Sugar/High Blood Sugar-Katie Abrahamson  Watch now

The symptoms of low blood sugar (feeling shaky, dizzy, sweaty) and high blood sugar (frequent urination, increased thirst, fatigue) can be more than uncomfortable—they can be dangerous. Learn the signs and symptoms of each and how to manage them.

17. Incorporating Activity into Your Day-Kat Kopfler  Watch now

Small changes in normal things that you do at work, at home, when running errands or playing with your children can significantly increase your daily activity level. Learn some tips on including more physical activity into your day to improve health and wellbeing.

18. How to Start an Exercise Program - Julia Simpson  Watch now

The benefits of exercise are great. Beginning a program can be overwhelming. This video addresses simple and effective ways to start.

19. Fiber - Danielle Taylor  Watch now

The benefits of fiber are discussed in this video. Food sources of fiber are reviewed and guidelines to increase fiber are given.

20. Healthy Plate - Laura Prevo Watch now

The Healthy Plate is a simple meal planning guide to eat healthfully. Quality foods and portion sizes are discussed.

21. Taking Care of Your Feet - Danielle Taylor  Watch now 

Diabetes can cause nerve damage which can lead to decreased sensitivity in your feet. Learn some simple things to do daily to reduce the risk of injury and infection.

22. Fast Food and Restaurants - DeeAnna VanReken Watch now

When eating out, portions are often larger than a single serving. Plus the high fat content can make meeting health goals difficult. Tips for eating healthfully and avoiding the pitfalls in restaurants and fast food environments are reviewed in this video.

23. Blood Sugar Monitoring - Korrin Fotheringham Watch now

Tracking blood sugars can help people with diabetes better manage their health. Testing on a regular schedule and keeping a log are two tips. This video addresses the importance of regular blood sugar monitoring.

24. Benefits of Exercise - Siona Sammartino Watch now

There are many benefits associated with exercise. Learn how regular exercise can improve your health and simple ways to make changes achievable and lon