Helpful Handouts

Download the following handouts to help you manage your diabetes.

Blood-Glucose Testing Record (PDF)

Use the above form to record your blood-glucose results. 

  1. Write the date for each day you do your glucose test in the date column.
  2. Record the time you do each glucose test in the time column.
  3. Record your glucose value in the pre-/post-meal column. If you test your glucose before a meal write the results below the line within the box.
  4. The column called "Comments/Urine Ketones" provides space to record your urine ketones results as well as events such as low blood glucose, an increase in exercise or a meal at a restaurant.

Food Record Log - Gestational Diabetes (PDF)

This form above can help monitor and control your blood sugar when you have gestational diabetes. Use this food record log to keep track of the food you eat and your carbohydrate count.

Diabetes Patient Education (PDF)