Education Services

The Swedish Diabetes Education Program offers a variety of classes in Seattle, Edmonds and Issaquah. All classes are taught in English; interpreters are available for individual sessions. 

Schedules, Maps and Directions 

First Hill classes (PDF) 1124 Columbia St., Suite 400

Edmonds diabetes (PDF) and pre-diabetes (PDF) classes - 21601 76th Ave W.

Issaquah classes (PDF) 751 NE Blakely Drive, 2nd floor conference center

An experienced teaching team

All members of the teaching staff within the Swedish Diabetes Education Program are certified diabetes educators.

Register for a class

Preregistration is required for all classes. Please call us to register. Class dates and times will be confirmed when you register. 

You will need a referral from your physician that includes clinical information about your diabetes; this will help us in billing your insurance company. Ask your physician to fax in a referral or send it electronically.

Diabetes education series

A series that includes two individual sessions with a registered nurse and registered dietician, and three group classes. This series provides an introduction to diabetes self-management.  At each session experience in blood sugar management and self-management goals are set.

  • Session 1- individual meeting with a nurse diabetes educator to see how you are doing with managing your diabetes right now.  She will teach you how to use a blood sugar monitor, be sure that you understand how your diabetes medications are working and help you to know what diabetes is.  
  • Session 2- group class that is taught by a dietitian. You will learn about the basics of healthy eating including carbohydrates and how they affect your blood sugar, meal and snack timing, label reading, grocery shopping, strategies for dining out, fat and fiber guidelines and healthy eating for your heart.
  • Session 3-group class that is taught by a nurse. You will learn about keeping active, what to do if your blood sugar is low or high and how to take care of your feet and how to cope with having a long term illness. A physician will also be at this session to talk to you about diabetes over the long term and ways you can continue to keep healthy.
  • Session 4-individual session with the nutrition educator. She will review what you learned in the previous sessions, see how you feel you are doing with your diabetes care and help you figure out how to eat healthy in your lifestyle. 
  • Session 5:  group class that is with the nurse and dietitian. There will be discussion about what is working well in the care of your diabetes and what is not going so well. There will be problem solving on how to manage diabetes in your life and setting goals to keep the diabetes under control.

Gestational Diabetes Class

A series of three classes that teaches women with gestational diabetes how to manage their blood sugar during pregnancy and offers strategies to delay or prevent developing diabetes in the future:
  • First session:  Participants learn about the physiology of gestational diabetes, why we are concerned about high blood sugars and how to manage with nutrition.  Participants also learn how to use a home blood glucose monitor.  
  • Second session:  held about 1 week after the first session. The class reviews nutrition management and how the testing of blood sugars went for the past week.  
  • Third session:  held 6-12 weeks post-delivery.  This class discusses strategies for healthy eating for the patient and family, importance of activity in life and how to manage concerns for developing diabetes later in life. 

Introduction to Insulin Pumps

A one hour session with a diabetes educator that introduces an interested patient to the features of insulin pump therapy.  Information and materials are provided for the patient who is deciding whether insulin-pump therapy is right for them.

Insulin Pump Start  

A series of sessions that teaches the patient how use an insulin pump and how to manage diabetes using a pump.

Insulin pump assessment

This session a diabetes educator will evaluate the participant’s current pump practices and settings.  Updates on the latest insulin pump advancements will be provided.  This is recommended at least yearly for all insulin pump users.

Continuous glucose monitoring (sensor)-personal

This session will help the participant that is interested in obtaining a glucose monitor learn what the options are and assist in the process to obtain one. Another session will be scheduled to learn how to use a sensor when it is obtained. 

Continuous glucose monitoring (sensor)-professional:

Two sessions that a physician would advise to get a more intensive look at blood glucose values:
  • First session: sensor is applies and instructions are given on its use.
  • Second session:  download of information is done and reviewed.

Pre-Diabetes Class

Taught by a nutrition educator this class focuses on lifestyle management and risk factor modification. This class will help you understand your risk factors and learn how to lower your risk of developing diabetes later in life. This is a community education class. The cost to register is $40.  Register at or over the phone at 1-800-793-3474.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

A session with the nutrition educator. Besides diabetes a nutrition educator can help you with weight loss, bowel problems and cholesterol and salt management. If you feel this would be beneficial to you ask your physician to see a nutrition educator. They are located in Ballard, First Hill, Issaquah and Edmonds. Ask your insurance provider about coverage for medical Nutrition Therapy.