Life to the Fullest Crossword Puzzle

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Complete the crossword puzzle by using words that can be found throughout this issue of Life to the Fullest.

Find the answers to the crossword puzzle in this issue of Life to the Fullest on our Facebook page at While you’re there, we hope you’ll join the conversation with other cancer survivors and that you’ll want to come back again and again.

LTTF Summer 2015 crossword


4. To help or encourage
6. The process of preserving a condition
10. The edible part of a flowering plant or tree that contains seeds
11. To assume a position
12. A connection or bond
13. Postures, controlled breathing and meditation for well-being
14. A person who continues to function or live in spite of setbacks


1. A specific selection of foods
2. The state of being healthy in body and mind
3. The exchange of information
5. To keep from occurring
7. Eating and using food
8. The way you live
9. A plant or part of a plant you can eat