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Completing cancer treatment is a major milestone. A door opens on a life without surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation are history. Hope is renewed. But unlike what many people think, the last day of treatment doesn't necessarily end the challenges of cancer. In fact, just the opposite is often true.

Most cancer survivors report ongoing and physical and emotional issues that were not expected, and that can have a clear and long-lasting impact on their lives. In response, the Swedish Cancer Institute invites all survivors to participate in Life After Treatment: Opportunities and Challenges, a two-part class that explores post-treatment issues and how they are effectively managed.

Life After Treatment: Opportunities and Challenges

"It can be very hard to make the transition from cancer treatment to completion of treatment," says class leader Carol Robl. "Your focus on treatment is gone, you lose a lot of your support, and you may have feelings of aloneness, feelings of sadness and fear for the future. You may also have trouble finding direction in life, or feel vulnerable or worry about recurrence.

"You are not alone," says Robl. "Other survivors share your feelings, share these challenges. In Life After Treatment, we discuss all levels of healing: physical, emotional and mental. There is a lot of value." Components of the class include:

  • Short presentations on survivorship topics, with active discussion encouraged during the presentations
  • Information on survivor resources, which range from CDs and published materials to Web sites and references
  • Developing a personal action plan — a specific set of activities - to help with the post-treatment transition

Class Offered Free of Charge

The Life after Treatment class is offered on a regular basis at Swedish's First Hill campus. It consists of two interactive sessions that are appropriate for patients nearing the completion of treatment, patients who have completed their treatment, and for family and caregivers. There is no charge and the class is open to all patients - not just those who received their treatment at Swedish.

"All survivors are invited to join us," says Robl, "to explore paths for the healing journey, which includes healing of the whole person: mind, body and spirit."

For more information on Life after Treatment: Opportunities and Challenges, call 206-386-2502.