Coping with Cancer: Podcasts and Videos

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Getting Support

Talking to Your Child About Cancer

This video answers common questions that a person with cancer may have about talking to their child about cancer and its treatment.

Caring Bridge

Sandi Johnson, supervisor of Oncology Social Work, introduces Caring Bridge, a free online tool that aims to ease communication with loved ones and increase support through cancer treatment. (3:37)

Talking to Someone with Cancer: Don't Let Fear Stop You

It can be challenging to communicate with a loved one about their cancer. Oncology Social Worker Tricia Matteson at Swedish Cancer Institute joins SCI patient Allison to discuss tips and strategies for offering support in a sensitive and caring manner.

Therapy Options at Swedish

What to Expect in Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a supportive and beneficial therapy that can help people process their thoughts and emotions around their cancer experience. Research shows that Art Therapy can help reduce symptoms related to pain and anxiety in patients with cancer. For general questions and scheduling: First Hill & Issaquah: 206-215-6178. Edmonds: 425-640-4984.

Swedish Cancer Institute Music Therapy Program

Betsy Hartman, MT-BC utilizes music as a way to address therapeutic goals, some of which are to increase relaxation as well as reduce anxiety and stress. (5:50)

Sample of Music Therapy: Betsy Hartman Plays the Harp

Coping with Treatment Side Effects

Managing Cancer-Related Anxiety and General Mood Changes

Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can impact a patient's mental well-being. This video discusses anxiety and general mood as it can relate to a cancer experience.

Sexuality and Cancer

Vivian and Mark, Swedish Cancer Institute Social Workers, describe the effects of cancer treatment on sexuality and explain important strategies for combating these personal issues and maintaining healthy intimate relationships.

Palliative Care and Symptom Management

Dr. Ellyn Lee, palliative care physician and director of palliative care at Swedish, explains how palliative care can provide relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness.

Nutritional Supplements and Naturopathic Medicine

Understanding the Use of Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements don't automatically mean safe or natural. Understand the benefits and risks of supplements, what to look for and avoid in supplements and how to create a customized plan for supplement safety. (5:03)

Advance Directives


Vivian and Danielle, Swedish Cancer Institute Social Workers, discuss important medical advance planning documents, also known as Advance Directives. These documents will spell out a patient’s decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time.