Cancer prevention and screening podcasts and videos

How to Reduce Cancer Risk

Dr. Dan Labriola, naturopathic doctor for the Swedish Cancer Institute, shares his insights about certain green foods that have the ability to combat cancer. (1:56)
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HPV Related Head and Neck Cancer

In this community prevention webinar, Swedish Cancer Institute's Dr. Blake Golden, M.D. FACS discusses how Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can lead to head and neck cancer, and how to prevent and reduce risk of HPV.

The Power of Plants

In the Power of Plants, Dr. Buchanan explores the current scientific research examining the preventative and disease fighting capabilities of a whole food plant based diet. She also shares practical tips about incorporating more plants into your diet.

Screening Tests for Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Richard Billingham explains the various screening tests that can be used to test for colorectal cancer. The most reliable and accurate test is the colonoscopy. 
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Lung Cancer Screening Program

Lung cancer screening is now a national preventive health recommendation and covered by all insurance companies for people who meet the eligibility criteria. We are here to partner with you, in your lung cancer screening journey.

Lung Cancer Screening

Dr. Ralph Aye explains the importance of lung cancer screening.

Pulmonary Lung Nodules

Pulmonary lung nodules are common and usually not cancerous. Developing a strong partnership with your lung expert and following their recommendations for clinical follow-up is the best way to ensure good health outcomes.

Screening for Anal Cancer