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iPod_icon Breast Cancer - A Guide for Newly Diagnosed Women
  Susan Gardner, Registered Nurse, gives newly diagnosed women an essential guide for understanding their treatment options. (20:07)
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vidIcon What to Expect When Dealing With Breast Cancer
  Dr. Claire Buchanan, a Breast Surgeon provides an important overview of what to expect when dealing with breast cancer. (8:24)
vidIcon How to Talk to Your Doctor When Dealing With Breast Cancer
  With the help of the American Cancer Society, Registered Nurse, Betsy Scott lists important information and tips on how to talk with your doctor. (9:32)
vidIcon Understanding Your Treatment Path for Breast Cancer
  Breast Surgeon, Dr. Shannon Tierney takes you step-by-step through common treatment paths for breast cancer. (8:04)
vidIcon Understanding Pathology: Breast Cancer
  Dr. Sean Thornton of Cellnetix Pathology & Laboratories explains pathology for breast cancer. (13:21)
vidIcon Genetic Counseling & Testing: Breast Cancer
  Robert Resta, a Genetic Counselor, provides overview of genetic testing specifically for breast cancer. (7:39)
vidIcon Breast Cancer Surgery and Recovery
  Breast Surgeon, Dr. Patricia Dawson explains in detail breast cancer surgery and recovery. (11:10)
vidIcon Reconstructive Surgery: Breast Cancer
  Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Wandra Miles explains what to expect with breast reconstruction. (8:10)
vidIcon Lymphedema: Breast Cancer
  Physical therapist, Peg Maas explains what lymphedema is and how it can be treated. (14:22)
vidIcon Drain Management: Breast Cancer
  Registered Nurse, Chris Yeckley demonstrates how to care for your J.P. drain after breast cancer surgery. (6:23)
vidIcon Resources in the Community: Breast Cancer
  Patient Navigator, Shannon Marsh reviews the breast cancer resources available in the Seattle community and at Swedish Cancer Institute. (14:22)
vidIcon Living Well After Cancer Treatment
  Dr. Patricia Dawson discusses survivorship and living well after cancer treatment (10:20)
vidIcon After Breast Cancer: What Next?
  Jacci Thompson-Dodd discusses Swedish's 8-week survivorship training program for breast cancer patients. (7:09)